I would like to know what your favorite string is.

I am going to order new stings and would like to know what your favorite company and type of string is.

I havent used many and notice that some dont hold tension vary long and frey quickly.

So whats your favorite

i love chaos strings and toxic strings. order them from yoyoz.com also if you like some soft string then kitty string is very good to, also at yoyoz. the kitty strings (thick) hold tension wonderfully and the thin are soft but are made of 100% poly

if you buy the chaos strings from chaosyoyos.com they will send you your first order and then rip you off and not reply to your messages on your other orders. please dont buy from them

hope ive helped

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I am a huge advocate of making your own string. That way, not only have you control the material, but also the natural tension, the thickness, etc.

It doesn’t take long to learn, and is actually quite fun as a bonus.

Kevlar string stays strong for a long time, doesn’t fray as easily.

i use the white 100% poly string from here at yoyoexpert! its 2 bucks cheaper and hey you cant beat white.

BuddyJim, Hardcores

I just got some type 10 hamstring with a terrapin x bearing, and WOW! that stuff is amazing. It holds tension super well, and whips like nothing I’ve ever seen.

I say, ignore anyone who list small quantity at high price string and just go for the standard 100% poly that is so readily available.

While many of those other company strings are great, its costing you more than what is necessary, and you cant say that that company will be around forever, while your industry standard will be around forever pretty much.


Yeah, I agree. Standard is good enough, but people these days crave for more and more. Not bouncy, new string. Wrong color, new string, Rough texture, new string.
Expectations get higher the more we invent.
You don’t need it, but people crave it.

I like slick8. It’s not available here at YYE.

I will also go as far to say that the string that you can control best is (usually) the kind you have spent the most of. Another way to say it: one likes whatever one uses currently.


Wise words being spoken.

I prefer any type of slick 50/50 or 100% polyster for Wing shaped yoyos. I do not recommend 100% Poly for looping yoyos because the string gets tense really quick.

I HATE 100% cotton. That thing tears after only a few hours of use and if you aren’t aware, the string will snap and send send your yoyo flying down the street and onto the road trashing your yoyo on all sides and if you cause a car accident you in some stuff. (Lucky me only one car passed by cause it wasn’t a busy morning on a busy street)

You guys are dead wrong. I NEED New Age String. Haha, in all seriousness, though, that’s my favorite.
I use that or highlights. Advantage of highlights being price. New Age just works for me. Unfortunately, they don’t make very much, and only once a year.