What type of Strings do you use?

The title tells the topic! Discuss!

I was also interested in finding this out because I wanted to pick up some new ones.

Currently I’m using 100% Poly YYE strings.

same here (and always have). but check out Turbo String by Turtle Turtle. My friend is sponsored by them and let me try out his signature line (which is the turbo). AMAZING.

I’ve been using the same thing also. I’ll make sure to check those out also. But I’ve heard alot about Toxic Strings? Are those any good?

I use yoyo string…

You get a cookie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol Icthus. I use a lot of strings. Hamstring, Toxics, Angel Whips (I believe thats what they are called, made by Chris S), Twisted Stringz, and a lot of my own strings, Big Yoyo Strings! I sell them. Currently testing a new formula.

I use any polyester string.

At first I toyed around with all the aftermarket vendors and all that…but in the end, I always just liked the boring old YYE polyester string. I like the length, feel, and price. Pick up a 50 or a 100 pack in a few different colors for 30 bucks and you’re all set for years.

I mostly use YYE 100% poly. I also make my own string.

I’ve tried G-string and Yoyo String Lab, and while they’re great, for the price, YYE string beats them. My palms sweat a lot while yoyoing so all strings last the same amount of time for me. I change them not because they fray, but because they are dirty. And I’m also a clean freak when it comes to my string, so I burn through string.

I tried a Toxic String once, and they’re great. Best string I’ve tried that’s on the market. If you haven’t tried some, buy a 10 pack and you will love it.

MM Dragon string

Be careful though or you’ll get burned … It’s a dragon and it’s toxic

I use a lot of different strings and test out different ones. I use YYE poly just for bulk string, Yoyo G-String, Toxic Strings (regular and dragon), Yoyo String Lab type X, Twisted Strings type A and X, 50/50 for looping, and I’ve tried a Hamstring.

Out of all of them my favorite would probably be the Toxic Strings, String Lab, and I really liked the Hamstring but they’re hard to find.

kitty and fat kitty.

I’ve tried the toxic string but they are sort of slippery somehow…
I really like YoYoNation string, coz they are good for binding! and not bad for fast-paced tricks as well.
Also I liked sOMEThING string which is attached to the yoyo when I first got one, but only tried it once. Have just ordered a bunch and see how it really is. :smiley:
btw WHY PPL NO HOW TOMAKE STRINGS?? I tried but it was soooooo hard O.o

You wana try some super awesome strings? Check this out, better then anything out their.

I’m currently using YYE poly, but I’m looking to buy some dragon string

Twisted Stringz all the way. I like the Type D, it’s a little stiffer and thicker than YYE poly and just feels right to me.

Toxic bg strings. They last, maintain tension well and although thick play like regular thickness. Great for slacks and whips.

I also use twisted pPoly and I like string lab type 2 and x.

Kitty string is good but doesn’t last that long.

Buy quality string and you tend to get more use out of it.

the standard YYE poly string works good for me…

Toxics. Nothin whips like’m.