String, string, string, and string.

What strings do you use?
What strings do you hate?

I’ve recently been thinking about strings, since I haven’t had the opportunity to try very many. I’m looking for something that’s soft on the hands, breaks in well, holds tension, that can hold up to a couple of hours of play. I found that in G-string, however, while I love G-string It’s pretty expensive to use on a regular basis.

What strings would you recommend?

YYE Expert Strings? They say that they’re pretty soft in their description.
Kitty strings?
Toxic Strings?

Yoyoexpert strings work well. I love kitty strings. I’ve never really tried many strings. I’ve tried YYSL string once, for a few minutes. It was great! I actually enjoy making my own string. It’s fun, and you can listen to music while you’re doing it.

Also, I have a question: How do people make string with motors?

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I have tried Markmont Dragon, Toxic, YYSL Type-X, Kitty, BG1s, and the generic highlights. Each of these strings play differently from yoyo to yoyo, but I would recommend trying YYSL and the Markmont Dragon strings. The Dragon’s are heavier and a little coarser than most strings, but are phenomenal for whip and slack tricks. YYSL is a but cheaper and is pretty good for whips and slacks, breaks in well, and should last. If you can I would recommend trying out any string that looks good, because everyone has different opinions.

YYE works great for me. the 100% poly.

However, I just got some Metz string… uh, I think i need to buy LOTS of this and FAST!

I love the metz. It’s soft holds tension and comes in bright colors it’s a great string

I have found Kitty String to be a great economy style string, with lots of colors, and it breaks in quickly and holds tension well

Kitty String is great. The nylon is awesome, and the slim, normal, and fat poly is also great. Can’t beat the value.

I’m with Studio42 in that the Metz string is fabulous, but they are 60 cents a piece.

I also agree with NathanC that the Kitty’s are great for the money as well, especially their Nylons which are almost one fourth the price of the Metz.

I have gone through so many strings as of recent that I finally feel that I have found my “String of Choice” in the “Twisted Stringz” Project X. They are around 45 cents each, but they last longer than any other string I have used and I just simply love them. They whip really well & hold tension great once you break them in which only takes about fifteen minutes.

I still use the Kitty Nylons but they do not last as long as the project X so the price is almost a wash because I change them two to three times in the lifespan of one Project X.

And to be fair and honest, I still use the Toxic “Dragons” for serious whipping because there is nothing quite like them. Not a string I would use all the time, but for whipping they ROCK.

I would advise that you buy a 10 pack of all the above and see what you feel works for you.
But at the end of the day, I’ll take the Project X every time.

I don’t think I’ll add anything groundbreaking here… but for the tally…

I really dig Twisted Project X string, has a Dragon feel to it, lasts just as long… but not as thin.

I do enjoy Dragon, usually on less floaty throws, small diameter stuff…

I’m a fan of the BG1’s from Toxic - they are set, stay soft, and play great. I also like the Metz - I prefer the thick over thin, but both are great. I find the thick is what BG1’s might have been if wound longer and tighter (thus being a little less soft).

In the economy range - I dig Kitty…

For what it’s worth…

For me i personally use the string that fits the yoyo and i have also found color of the string greatly affects play as well

i mainly use yye 100% poly white,green,yellow,pink on all yyf and yyj: Dragonstring on onedrops, kitty string on clyws, and yysl on just about everything else

Everybody is different, I mean strings are like throws to name a favorite is pretty hard for me. For the money g string is the best I have found for what I like and how I throw. It holds up better than anything I have tried. YYSL is nice string as well as toxic and twisted I have tried them all and they are all great and pretty comparable in price. If yo want affordability I think kitty and yye string is the best bang for the buck. A lot of throwers like highlights but in my opinion unless you want to change your string often I feel kitty is a much better buy and feel. So many options and everybody is different so I would just try them all and have some fun until you find what fits your style and feel. Good Luck!