So guys, what kind of string is good in the YYE shop for a DV888 with a KonKave bearing? I use home-made strings but they aren’t too well. Which strings would you recommend? ??? :o

YYE 100% poly. I find green is rougher and doesnt slide across my hands as well as the other colors.

Toxic Strings!!! There’s not too many in each pack but they’re AMAZING strings. If you wanted more strings then just get the 100 pack bulks. But it comes close to being even because the Toxic Strings last a very long time.

I was thinkin of ordering Kitty Sfrings normal and nylon but idk if they are a good string.

Does the Toxic string play well? (smooth on binds and tricks).

Yes they play very well. They may seem rough but they’re always very smooth and great for whips and slacks.

How much does it come in? 5 strings, 10 strings, etc.

There are 10 in the standerd packs and 14 in the Dragon packs. The standerds cost $6 and the Dragons cost $7 but I just checked and they’re all out of stock.

Dang, 10 for $6? Thats pretty expensive. The Kitty Strings cost $3.50 for a 10 pack. What do you think about the Kitty Strings?

You might want to give YoYoStringLab a try. I’ll let others explain why since I’m super biased on this one. :wink:

Well I was thinking getting Kitty String both Nylon and Polyester plus two YYE 5 pack Poly strings since I don’t want to waste a lot of money but have a good amoun of strings for my yoyo. Ya know?

I feel that Toxic Strings whip well, but they bind bad because they come back and whip your hand with slack . . . Anyone else have that problem? Oh, and my favorite string is Kitty String and Type X.

Nylon kitty feel like poly to me. Nice string.

Dragon string by toxic.

I think I’ll stick with the Kitty Strings for now. I’ll buy some more stuff later. Thanks guys!

I use kitty strings as my main strings, they are very nice strings, good choice. :slight_smile:

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That occasionally whip my hand but I really like them.

I don’t really mind how expensive they are beccause to me it seems like it evens out for how long they play for. I only put them in the yoyos I use a lot, though. I do enjoy Kitty String too.

I find that the slack only whips my hand when I bind badly. Not saying you are but if you put half the string in it when it grips then yea, it going to have slack. I usually try to bind with only 2" to 6" loop when I let go.

Meh, I’ll try that . . .

Pages and pages could be written about string. But it all comes down to your preference and style of play. I’m still a novice and I like to experiment. I have tried YYE poly, Toxic, Twisted, and Kitty but I keep coming back to Twisted Stringz Type D string. It’s a little thicker and stiffer than typical poly and I like that a lot.

In my experience, the small company strings play better and last much longer than the cheaper bulk stuff. Well worth the money. Plus there’s the satisfaction of supporting passionate small businesses that contribute so much to the yoyo community.

I also love Twisted Stringz but I prefer type X, they seem to hold tension so well. Also, I really enjoy kitty string, they have a lot of “bounce” to me and are soft.