What kind of strings should I buy?


I am looking at buying strings on yoyoexpert.com, but I just don’t know what one I should buy? Toxic? Kitty? Help! :o


Well what have you played before? Kitty normal, nylon, fat, slim, and 1.5 are all great options, just depends what kind of string you like.


Kitty string is great. But if you like doing whips I would suggest toxic string. I personal stared with kitty string, but all I get now is toxic.


If you need something good for the price type x and YYSL ammo is good. But if I were you the homemade string is the best you can’t beat it. Truly you can’t get better than that.


If you’re just beginning, I’d suggest buying smaller packs of a few different kinds of strings to see what you like. And then when you’ve figured it out, order a larger bundle. If you ask 10 throwers what their favourite string is, you’ll probably get about that many different answers. Personally, I’m a fan of normal thickness Kitty polyester strings. They seem to last a bit longer than most other poly strings, I like the feel and I like that I don’t have to undo a pre-tied loop to get them to my preferred length.





lol nah. Expensive string is one of the biggest scams in yoyoing, along with expensive bearings. I hate seeing beginners waste their time and money on strings and bearings because you really don’t get what you pay for with them. I remember when i used to spend tons of money searching out that perfect string, then eventually you realize it really doesn’t matter, find some nice bulk poly in the style that suits you and practice practice practice. You see all these people on the forums obsessing over custom strings, and yet 99% of pros seem to use bulk poly or nylon of one type or another

Kitty String:


Unknown yoyo string Jackrabbits!!! Only $3.00 for a ten pack of homemade amazingness!!
Fast, slick, bouncy, a perfect roughness, gets softer as you play, no break in time, and its supper visable!!

Just PM modman10!

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Dude, don’t buy into the expensive boutique string thing. Of course it’s good and all, but you can get the regular YYE poly in bulk for pretty cheap. It works great and everyone uses it. It’s all you need.


Buy whatever you want. Kitty, YYE, YYSL Type X, Twisted Strings Trixta, Snakes, Great Whites…

If you’re new, just get the YYE 100% polyester in any color that catches your eye. I’d like to see if the white is different these days than it was a couple of years ago. Wait until you’ve been playing a while, then maybe try some small packs of various stuff, see what you like and don’t like. Buy more small packs of different stuff. Figure it out. Or not.

YYE 100-count bulk string comes down to like 11-12 cents per string. I’m payng $40 for 100-counts of Type X. Twisted Stringz gave me a great price in Trixta string. I plan to buy some bulk Toxic Strings soon as well. What I like about these strings is that they tend to be softer, last a LOT longer and may have performance differences/improvements.

However, if you can’t do the tricks on a affordable strings, such as YYE bulk or Kitty, then you’re not going to be able to do them using more expensive stuff. Save your money for now, experiment later.


I started out by buying a Toxic sampler pack, a 10 pack of regular Kitty, 10 pack of AMMO, some quick13 homemade strings, and some generic slick 6 poly. After learning enough tricks to be able to know what kind of string I’m looking for, I decided that I like BG1 Yellow Jackets and Snakes the best, so I bought a 10 pack of each. They last forever and I believe they do help a whole lot when doing certain tricks that involve whips (although I think normal Kitty does better at holding slack for slack type tricks). On yoyoday I bought a 100 pack of Fat Kitty and now I’m set on string for a good long while. I usually wouldn’t have the money to buy all of the strings I have, but luckily I got into yo-yoing during a good financial time for myself. If you aren’t able to drop 30-50 dollars trying out a lot of different strings then get some Kitty string. It performs the best of all the bulk strings in my opinion, and it is relatively cheap.


Big Yoyo String :slight_smile:


Kitty string is great.

But it frays up quite a bit.

It also has a “Waxy” or “Oily” feeling to it making it slide on your finger easier, which I’m not a huge fan of.


If your a beginner just get a 10 pack of kitty nylon


Can’t go wrong with a bulk of polys. Great string for a good price.