How do you decide which string to use with which yoyo?

I just got a new shutter and ive been wondering what string is best? and how do you decided? And what is kitty string? and what does i mean to be XL or flat. How do you known which yoyo works best with which yoyo?

P.S. just started yoyoing this month. So the more info the better!


There is no such thing as the best string, just like there’s no such think as the best yoyo it’s all preference. This is what I suggest and a lot of other people will probably suggest. Buy a bunch of different types of string like 10 packs or 5 packs which ever they come in to see what you will like. If you want cheap bulk String I suggest Kitty String, BluePrint or YYE Poly String they all work great. If you want more expensive string that will last much longer then bulk string you can try Type X string or Ammo string from YYSL. There’s also people on the Forum’s that sell great string like Modman’s string, BigYoYo string, Epic YoYo string is great from what I heard.

ANd the XL or Fat just means how fat the string is, some people like there string on the Fat said and some people like it on the Slim side, I prefer a fatter string.


So its 100% based upon player prefrence? what about binding the yoyo with slimmer string i hear can be more difficult?

It’s mostly preferance but I would deff go with polyester.

Well not 100% because some strings are very noticeably different, but must of it is preference.

I wouldn’t say it’s more difficult, it might not be as tight as a bind with fatter string though.

I use whatever I have in stock at the time. I don’t think it really matters what string goes on which yoyo.

Do you want whippy? Soft?

Well, what ever is going to be the fastest. I mean what are the diffrences? how do they play diffrent?

More plasticy strings play quicker and whip faster, and more softer thicker strings play slower

Toxic Strings and very plasticy (at least most)
Kitty fat, Blueprint, Unknown, etc. Are softer.

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Strings that are twisted tighter (probably quite whippy too) usually play fast. Soft strings tend to hold tension better. They also feel better on the hands. Whippy strings don’t hold tension that well and are rougher on the hands, but when performing tricks like “laceration” “brent stole” “hidemasa hook” and really any trick with the word “whip” or “slack” in it, they will do them much faster because the string will whip through the air faster. I think that you should get a 10 pack of regular kitty. It isn’t too rough on the hands, but it also doesnt whip too well. It is definetely worth the price (both the ten pack and the 100 pack). If you want a string that whips a little bit better but tends to make the yoyo snag a bit more, you could get a pack of fat kitty string to try. When you get more advanced in yoyoing and start doing more whips and slacks, then you could start trying the more expensive 10 packs of string, such as “crocostrings” “yoyostringlab” “epic strings” “toxic strings” and so many more. They last longer than the kitty strings, and play alot better.

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Personally, I’d recommend Werrd BluePrint strings most, then Fat kitty, then Thick Candy string.

There are real differences between different kinds of string. A lot of “bulk” string is quite similar, but most string with a company name tied to it have noticeable difference. Which you prefer mostly comes down to preference, but not all string is created equal.

If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend Fat or XL strings (BluePrint is a thicker string). Thicker strings tend to feel softer, hold tension better, whip faster, and bind tighter.

Many yoyo players and competitive players are switching over to thicker string for good reason. The “standard” string thickness was created many years ago, when yoyos had smaller bearings and thinner gaps. Now that yoyos have massive gaps and bearings that are almost completely exposed, thicker strings tend to compliment modern yoyo design more.

Here is an excellent article on the topic that I would highly recommend reading.

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That makes a lot of sense jake, i can see myself going with that same mind set. I will deff look into the strings and the article tahnks!

I’ve tried a lot different strings. I once had a guy who I made a deal with on the BST ask me about strings and bearings. I wrote a very long pm out of my usual need to explain my experiences in great detail. I won’t do that here, but after I sent the pm he said that what I wrote was great stuff and should be stuck to the top of one of the forum sections. Anyway, when I first started I was very into boutique strings, especially BG1 Yellow Jackets. I still like those strings quite a lot, but after trying pretty much everything except YYSL Type X I’ve learned that Fat Kitty String is usually the best bet once you get into learning more complex tricks that require good tension and the ability to whip well.

Strings like Toxic Snakes, Dragons, BG1’s, and many different homemade strings that are made to be very whippy are very great at that, but they don’t hold tension well enough. Strings that hold tension well usually don’t whip with the speed you would like, or they just don’t feel right. YYSL AMMO had that effect on me. There is a string that holds tension better than anything I’ve tried and whips really well, but it just doesn’t feel right for some reason. Especially after it has broken in.

Fat Kitty String is what most all competition players use, and there is a reason for that. They are labeled “Fat”, but they are no where near as thick as most boutique strings. They hold tension great until they get worn, and they whip well for a good amount of time. When you put a new Fat Kitty String on your yoyo the first couple of whips you do have the perfect amount of speed to them, but after those it begins to lose the umph. The good thing is that they are relatively cheap for a large amount. If some company could make a string that will feel and play exactly like Fat Kitty does when you first put it on, but make it last much longer than the first couple of minutes then I believe you could crown a “Best String”.

I dont decide. I just put a string on and throw.