so what difference does the string make

What I am really asking here:

What are the main string types, and how do the effect the throw/yoyo?

I’m gonna quote myself from another thread to save me the typing time:

The string doesn’t have much of an effect on how a yoyo itself plays; A new string will feel bouncy and stretchy which can make a slight difference in feel, and a thicker string may potentially affect spin times more than a thinner one, but the yoyo itself will mostly be unaffected.

Strings are one of those things that you really need to try out for yourself. I throw YYSL Ammo exclusively (thick and soft), but just because I love it doesn’t mean other people will. I tried many many different strings before I came across one that I like and would advise you to do the same if circumstances allow.

That being said, many people stick with bulk 100% poly and it serves them just fine, so don’t feel like you need a specific kind of fancy string. As with a lot of things with this hobby, it’s more about the person throwing than the equipment they’re using. :slight_smile:

^^^^^^perfectly said! :slight_smile:

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I really don’t find any string to be better than another. I like certain strings but they all work fine for me. My favorite is Kitty Fat.

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That is fair enough. I’ve been using Ammo with my Yomega Dash and Playmaxx Proyo. Feels quite good. I’ve been using the strings that came with my yoyojam dark magic II in the DMII.

Whip factor (depends on the material as well):
thick is whippy
thin is not whippy
Bind factor (depends on the materal as well):
thick is grabs the response more
thin grabs the response less
everything else depends on the material. Gotta be honest the only other thing that matters is just the way it feels in your hand (smooth, rough, etc.) and the color. I can’t think of anything else that really matters. Correct me if I’m wrong. Oh and dmii string I believe is just regular 100% poly

Thicker and or longer string has less kickback, thinner and or shorter string has more kickback. Tight string has more “weight” and “solid” to it, while looser string has less weight and feels kinda soft. Material makes a difference too, even two poly’s from different brand feels differently, some are more plasticky and some are more furry.
Contrary to what has been said above, I personally feel string actually makes quite a difference. I can’t comment about how certain yoyo feels unless if I try it with my own string, with certain thickness, tightness, and length.

Been making and selling strings for a couple of years now.