String Suggestions

I am running out of strings!!!
Knots knots knots knots KNOTS!!!

Does anyone have any idea what the best strings are and their prices? Please link me. I want strings that will be very good for string tricks and are durable. Nothing over 20 bucks please.

I sell 100 packs of string for $20:,54271.0.html

Note I make each order when it comes in. So expect 2-3 weeks of me making string. Before your order is ready to ship.

If you need it now just buy kitty string.

Also try undoing your knots.

Don’t have a link but Kitty String is a good way to go.

try kitty or toxic strings they sell on here.

^ This

Can’t go wrong with Kitty. 8)

Toxic Snakes are awesome.

I really like normal Kitty, although I have never used higher end strings, but kitty does everything I need it to, so its fine for me.

^Best value i’ve been able to find anywhere.

im not sure if i should use slim or fat. can you give suggestions?

All comes to your needs. Fat is good if you’re still perfecting your tricks and binds. Slim will allow more space in gap.

The whole fat or slim thing boils down to preference and yoyo. I find that some of my throws work better with normal or fat Kitty strings while some (mostly new ones with super grippy fresh pads) play better with thins. If you’re not sure there’s a Kitty strings sampler pack with 5 each of Kitty nylon, thin, normal, fat, and mix (two colour twist). Not sure if they have them at YYE but if not, shoot me a PM.


Or you can get normal kitty!

This happend to me when I first started throwing. But fat kitty would be a good choice

I am intermediate going on advanced. My best trick now is Kamikaze.

Big Yoyo Strings! Type 1 or candy. Type 1 is more expensive but lasts longer. Candy is a cheaper alternative that manages tension superbly and is terrifically soft on the hands. Check out our website for a more in depth description

YYSL Ammo is beast. get some, you wont regret it.

Another company to throw in the hat is
I’ve been using her strings for the past 4 months now. I love them. There are different kinds so depending on taste but my favorite to use is type 1a.

Modman10’s jackrabbits! they are ultra polly strings! $3.00 for a 10 pack!

No… modman10’s strings are beast, and only $3.00! Get some, you wont regret it. just shoot him a pm!

I might get 100% Polyester