What's your favorite type of string? (1A)


What is your favorite type of string to use for 1A and why?

Mine is the medium sized polyester Kitty String.

It starts out a little grippy but once they get broken in they play exceptionally well for a very long time without ever getting noticeably worn down like most standard polyester strings do. They also have a perfect balance of smoothness that keeps spin during long combos and reduce burn, yet a slight heaviness that helps a ton with slack tricks. :smiley:


Yep kitty poly is the best!!



Kitty Fat Yellow… nothing exciting here


Does the fat string kill spin on certain tricks or combos at all?


I tried them all and still my favorite is a normal kitty string


What aboutttt StringLab Type X? :o


Type X is really nice.

So is Poly Kitty.

One of those two I’d say.


i’m still trying out different strings. i find most of them very good but i am not far enough along to notice the subtle differences in most of them. i do really like the toxic mark mount after they break in awhile.
those do seem to have a noticeably different feel. i still have a few more i have not yet tried (epic). i tried some of the Ann Connely - wow, talk about a fat string. i like the multi color though. so far i like all of them; i’ll settle on one or two after more experience.


Love my Ammo, but it’s just too expensive for me :stuck_out_tongue:
So I use either Blueprints or Kitty 1.5 nylon, they both feel about the same to me.


works great. All mess ups are my crappy technique

(Yo^2) #11

Venom. Yeah, it’s expensive, but I’m worth it.


green fat and normal kitty, as well as fat cats and fantasy chords from crocostrings! can’t go wrong with either!


just started using fat kitty string. Going to start experimenting with some others over a vacation.

(DOGS) #14

YYE Poly


+1 and I use this stuff Eric Koloski makes for A2Z yoyo store. Really nice stuff, soft but has enough weight to cut through the air for Slacks. But I use a ton of it because it wears out easily

(major_seventh) #16

UYYS Phats and Jackrabbits. Like seriously.


I like Yoyorecreation Normal Poly for everyday 1A. For more high end strings… Toxic Snakes are great but I prefer yellow string so I like BG1 better even though I think the Snakes perform a bit better. Also I really liked the Yoyostringlab Ammo and Type X except they are too short so I stopped using them. Hint hint…

For 4A I like the Candy Wire E type.

For 5A I like Kitty String Nylon Fat but I’m experimenting with their XXL poly as well.


I swear by Twisted Stringz Mojo these days. It’s a little harsher than some string, but that doesn’t bother me. The main thing is that it holds tension exceptionally well, and it whips so easily that the other guys at my yoyo club call it “cheater string”. ;D


slim poly slackline or slim kitty.

either one runs nice and long though - which is what I’m looking for more than anything else.


This stuff is really growing on me.