What's Your Favorite YoYo String?

List your favorite string(s) below

The only kind I’ve used: YYE Poly.

Kitty normal thickness polyester and Kitty 1.5 are my go-to strings for just about everything.



No phats? :’(.

At the moment, it’s a toss-up between Jackalopes and Jake Elliott’s string. So good, both of’em. I do have a weak spot for some of the Big Yoyo String formats, too, though… notably the 3lan~Muse.

Snack Time and GString Bounce … neither of which is made any longer. :frowning:

I think I tried G-String Bounce once. Now that was a good string!


Kitty normal polyester.

Me too. After trying a ton of different stuff I’ve settled on this. It’s affordable and can do whatever I want.

I think Kitty has everything I need in terms of “features” (I like the length, colours, feel, weight) but it’s about that longevity. There’s none. I hate putting on a new string after every hour of play. And since I’m going to another format anyhow*, I might as well take advantage of things that change play (speed, tension management, feel, bounce) at the same time. :smiley:

*sometimes. I use Kitty a LOT still. :wink:

Kitty lasts very good for me. Of course, I play my strings to death. I usually don’t change until I have threads popping or they get so grungy I’m embarrassed to let anyone see them.

YYSL Ammo. It’s just perfect for me.

I might put a Type X or a Venom in if a throw is particularly grabby or snaggy, but otherwise it’s Ammo for life!

I’ve only tried regular kitty string and it’s pretty good for my taste… Although I’d like to try many other brands/types to see how they play and feel.

I’ve only used a few brands but Kitty String has worked for me just fine. Although I kinda wanna try something thicker because Normal Kitty String feels kinda thin sometimes.

Kitty Nylon right now but theres so many kinds that I haven’t tried yet

I thought it was some special proto in the making lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Crocostrings cat tails. They last forever. I like the slick feeling. They don’t fray til maybe a month or so of play then they only get slight fraying that most strings start with. Plus the slack amazing and come in great colors.

type x, ammo, fat kitty, poly slackline

Fat Kitty String.