What's Your Favorite YoYo String?

Type x

to be honest I really don’t understand how people like type x.

Not a huge fan over here, either. Usually rather put on a Kitty! However, I do enjoy Ammo.

Yysl venom and ammo. The softest!

I cant stand other strings because they are too rough

I usually like a thick whippy string like toxic origionals or dragons, but I’m starting to like softer strings like ammo. Plus I just ordered some poly caribou slackline, I didn’t really like the hybrid but I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the poly :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan of the feel and whipping of poly/nylon string, so the favorite string I’ve tried has definitely been Twisted Stringz Mojo.

Mojo is some really good stuff. Slacklines have that texture, but in 100% poly. Less dense for whips, due to not having nylon.

Toxic: BG1’s & Great Whites.
YYSL: AMMO & Venoms
Twisted: Project X & Mojo’s

I’ve been using YYSL type X, Ammo, and a ton of kitty fat.

YYSL Ammo allll daaay loooonngg. Love how easy it is to get out of the containers as well. :slight_smile:

Normal Yellow Kitty String

I’ve been feeling the blue prints lately!

Jake Elliott’s Grand Rapids string is doing the trick.

I’m using jake elliott’s string right now too, i’m not sure what he called the one he sent me though but this was after he decided to make only one type of string, anyways it’s a boss string!

My favorite strings at the moment are Buddha Strings. I don’t know if they’ll make it here, but they’ll be available at another store some time soon.

Blueprint strings were my favorite, but they all started with a rough feel and got softer with use. The Buddha strings are essentially softer Blueprint strings. If you love Blueprint strings, but don’t love the rough texture, the Buddha strings are for you! They last so much longer kitty, and unlike the “yellow” Blueprint string, This stuff is actually yellow!

Before either of these strings, kitty string was my favorite. The only thing I don’t like about kitty string is that the life of each string is terrible.


Kitty here… actually learned that today… haha. Just love the feel, can’t speak of longevity, but I do push my string until it looks like it’s been beaten to hell.

Still rockin YYSL Type X

Toxic Strings “ZYPE”.

BYYS slix, it’s just so good!

Whatever I have lying around.

I used a 1,000 pack of stock poly for a while, that took me longer than expected to burn through.
I’m currently going through a 100 pack of kitty fat nylon. Next I’ll probably try blueprints.