what is your fav string ?


hey guys

i’m wondering what is your fav string ? it would be good if you review it ;D

for me i like 100% bulk polyster !

its nice for string tricks



YYSL Type 2

G-String NOLY is also awesome.


Kitty slims


Nylon Kitty ;D


Epic, poly rayon 50/50.


Big yoyo string. Every string I’ve used by them is amazing. But my favorite is “Slix”. Its my signature string, i highly recommend it! It has amazing whip.


100% Polly, normally red colored.


Big YoYo string in cyber silk (I came up with the name)
In bright pink, it is really a thrill to throw with.


Big yoyo string type 1.


Twisted Stringz Project-X


Big Yoyo String Slix, yysl type x, and gstring soft-core.


Currently I am drooling over the Rainbow pack of Kitty String. When I started playing with it I didn’t feel much of a difference but when I tried Regular Polyester again it felt so rough. The Kitty String slides so well. Great for fast play.


Kitty String regular.


Currently addicted to the Twisted Kevlar number. It’s a treat.

(M.DeV1) #15

Big Yoyo string is amazing! Currently it’s a toss up between Type 3 and Cyber silk! Both play amazing!

Edit: My 1000th post


I named the cyber silk >_>


Im no longer forever alone! (except for the g funk)

(M.DeV1) #18

Yea lexos I know, Proud of you.

(Jace) #19

poly 6

(themikedurdak) #20

Any that’s attached ( or more likely not attached cough offstringreferencecough) to my yoyo.