whats your fav string type


kitty string


so kitty starig


type 8, yysl, toxic




Custom Neon Big Yoyo Strings Type 3, and some super whippy stuff I make similar to Dragon, but softer and doesn’t need break-in time


nylon kitty string. love it lots!


Toxic snakes

(SR) #8

I don’t like Kitty String because you have to tie your own knot. Since I am the world’s laziest person, I don’t like this. So, I use 100% Polyester YYE String. wooohooo


String lab type 2 and type x, hamstrings, graou, and g-string soft-core are the ones I like best at the moment. There should be some big-yoyo type 1 strings in the mail soon, so I’m looking forward to trying them out.

I like yoyoexpert’s slick 6, 50/50 for looping. I cut it rather short.


Kitty sting fat


I stick with polys, highlights, YYE, Day Glows or whatever your calling em now days.


Two dudes with very similar names? Seems a little complicated.


Regular Kitty Strings. I recommend them!


Nylon kitty strings and Grau strings




Kitty string