What string brand do u use???


I use snake bite


Kitty 1.5 nylons and Kitty normal polys.



Fat and normal kitty and crocostrings fat cats.

(Yiyang Wang) #4

Expert strings from yoyoexpert.


buy small packets of several (or all) of the various string manufacturers; then see which ones you like best. the 10 packs are reasonably priced and should give you a good feel for what you prefer.

but yea, kitty seems to be one of the main preferences here - but don’t be afraid to experiment.


I’m using YYE Poly for now, because I like to buy string in bulk once I find something I like. Buying 10 at a time and paying extra for packaging like a test tube every time would drive me crazy.


I didn’t know people used stuff other than YoYo String Lab :smiley:
I use Type 2/Type X neon yellow and nothing else.


I have bought strings from several boutique manufactures and Kitty and bulk YYE and am busy going through them all and have yet to decide.


I use so many different ones all the time… but I feel happiest when I’m about to string up an Unknown Jackrabbit or Jackalope. Running mighty low on those…

For when I need a thin string, G-String Solo. Only a pair of those left, and then they’re gone. Boutique string makers seem to be into the fat string thing, but not many are making a thin string!

(Erik Kerber ) #10

I use kitty nylon now.

but I’m really interested in croco strings I think I’m gonna pick a test pack of that up when I start running low on string.


same here




Kitty String always worked good for me. I just tried some Type X though, and it’s pretty nice…

I don’t know. We’ll see how my string endeavors go in the future. For now though, I think I’ll stick to Kitty.


Practically everyone uses kitty string
I like to use
twisted stringz grey matter
g string
Toxic great whites n markmont edition
and my favorite is slackline :slight_smile:

(Steve Brown) #15

Kitty String Fat and CLYW Slackline Hybrid.

(major_seventh) #16

Mainly Blueprint. UYYS when I can! :slight_smile:


Kitty strings mostly


Blueprints, Kitty 1.5 nylon, and have 2 packs of YYSL Ammo that I’m very sparingly putting on some of my yoyos.


BYYS slix for dayzzzz!


snake bite but im going to try kitty