Recommended string?

I have been looking at kitty nylon and original as well as venom and type X - I have ordered blueprint string and it was way to rough and after doing anything it would go all spaghetti on me! I also have ordered snake bite and the string was too skinny.

Please help



I love CLYW orange hybrid slackline, as well as lime poly, but they are out of stock

My favorite bulk string is Kitty Nylon 1.5, or standard kitty

YYE poly is good enough for me.

sOMEThING type-2 (allegedly coming to YYE any day now!) is my go-to.

From YYSL, the Ammo is much better than Type-X if you are looking for a bit of thickness. Type-X is fluffy at first but stretches a bit and in the end is on the skinny side, too. Ammo is like thicker Type-X.

Well I think (I got a pm too about ammo and X ) I’m going to try ammo from what everyone says!

I use thin YYO string and I think it performs pretty well. Other than that, Kitty String regular. I wouldn’t bother buying anything else.

they have thin string??
are they selling it?
for the answer to the thread, i use local brand string, anonymous string, it does pretty well :slight_smile:

Candy Wires, cheap and consistent. Enough said. :slight_smile:

Kitty Fat.

Most pros use it (neon yellow).

^^ Provide the statistics please. :wink:

(I do agree that a lot of pros seem to use yellow Kitty fat… but I don’t think it’s “most”)

My favorite string is Kitty Fat String.

Same. Thats my got to bulk string right now.

a lot :wink:

I generally keep stock of Kitty Fat and XL. Both keep good slacks and are soft and they keep tension decently well. Those are my requirements for string generally.

So Ammo
Kitty FAT
and does expert string fit into this?

I don’t know if thin (regular thickness) YYO string is sold. I’ve only ever seen the fat YYO string in stories.

I’ve played the expert string if you are referring to this:

It’s soft and plays nice. I liked it about as much as Kitty. Not quite as thick as kitty fat, but played well in my opinion.