What type of string???

I was wondering what would be the best string… and also what string does of throw hang on???

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In my experience Toxic Strings and Kitty String have been my favorite for 2 reasons they have great string tension and feel great on the hands.

Hope this helps :wink:

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One thing with Toxic is they take quite a bit of break-in and I haven’t been able to keep one on a throw long enough to get it broke in. They do feel good tho and if I didnt have hundreds of kittys I’d prolly like Toxic more. I’ve read that a double loop on your throw hand finger makes breaking them in much easier. They just won’t stay tight around the throw finger when new.

I also tend to shy away from slack tricks so no real need for me to use anything other than kitty. But, once I get past the woes of slack tricks I may need the better tensioned Toxic.

Personal preference really is what it boils down to. I like kitty and have just stuck with them even though have quite a few boutique stings sitting in a drawer.

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Kitty string fat in most of my throws.
I learned all the whips I know on normal poly so those fancy strings don’t do anything for me. I am not much of the kinda’ person who looks for my gear to do my job.


It all comes down to personal preference, it depends what you like in a string. I use kitty string because it comes in bulk without a large price tag. I don’t have much to spend on string and buying by the ten pack seems like wasted time. Once I run out of kitty I think I’m going to try some of the blueprint. So kitty neon for me.

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Without exaggeration, the 10-pack of Toxic normals or Dragons could end up lasting as long or longer than the 100 of Kitty, UNLESS you tend to play your Kitty even after they’ve gone “ratty”. I don’t like playing ratty Kitties, so I change them pretty often.

Of course, not all boutique strings (even Toxic’s own line) have that kind of longevity. The above-mentioned strings are based on trilobal threads, which are highly durable and fray-resistant. Other companies have some trilobal stuff. ALL “primarily trilobal” threads have kind of a plasticky feel on the finger and during play. I don’t particularly love it. But it’s durable!

The “string slipping off your finger” issue is resolved by asking around. :wink: “How do I keep the string on my finger” was a question I asked ages ago, and someone showed me the Finch Head knot, which is what I use even on my Kitties these days.

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I’m a YYSL Ammo man. Comfy, whips well, hold tension well, it just agrees with me.

Personally I found Kittys to wear out far too quick, they also get dirty looking after not very long and they just never felt right to me.

The only downside I see to Ammo is that on thin-gapped throws it can be a tad too thick at times, so you’re more likely to get unexpected binds or snags, but it’s never been too much of an issue for me, and if it was on a certain throw I’d just switch that to type X instead (which is fantastic, I just like the thickness of ammo slightly more).

Toxic string whips insanely well. You can brent-stole with nothing more than a flex of your finger, but as has been said, it’s incredibly slick and takes a long time to lose than feeling. I found the fact that the slipknot wouldn’t stay put annoying as well.

So yeh, personally it’s Ammo all the way. Haven’t tried the new YYSL string though yet, might have to pick some up. =)

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The slipknot… slipping… problem is easily fixed!

I don’t actually find Ammo to be THAT spectacular for tension management. It might be a bit better than Kitty, mind you.

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Of course, I read your post and I now that I see that it can be remedied rather easily I might try and break out the toxics again. That slick feeling takes a bit of getting used to though, Toxic Snakes are like sandpaper at first!

I agree, Ammo doesn’t stand out as being fantastic at tension management, but I personally found it to be better than Kitty String and regular poly.

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Best string comes down to preferences. Certain strings have different performance characteristics and thicknesses. It’s best to buy some small quantities and see what you like best.

I prefer Twisted Strings Trixta and YYSL Type X.

The yoyo goes on the end of the string that does NOT have a knot in it.

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YYSL Type X is my favorite. I have a lot of Ammo and Venom but Type X is what most of my throws use. Either Type X or just the basic YYE poly. I love everything about Type X. It holds tension well, whips, slacks, suicides beautifully, lasts and lasts and lasts. YYSL should stop making string that lasts so long because it makes me buy less due to its longevity! I’ve never been that into Toxic strings simply because as someone else already wrote I feel the break in time is too long and I really don’t enjoy how they whip or the speed they fly about with. I also agree that Kitty Strings get dirty and worn out way too quickly. A new Kitty String is wonderful but after 15 minutes its lost everything unique and remarkable and is a drag to play.

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Remember though that Toxic is a brand. They have strings with different properties… the BG1 is a really good “standard poly on steroids” type of string, as are Snakes.

I’d be more down with Type X if only it whipped a bit faster. But that’s the tradeoff I guess. I rip my arm out of its socket trying to get better at hooks and Brent Stoles… it’s so light!

Very much agree about Kitty, though: it’s wonderful but for a very very short time… to the point that a 100-pack still isn’t all that economical unless you use your strings beyond the point that they’re actually fun and perform well.

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100 pack of kitties lasts me a few months at least, and if you wash your hands before playing, they last longer.

kitties fats for me!

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Wait… WASH? People still do this? I don’t need that noise! :wink:

Kitty fats are still good stuff. About to string up some 1.5 to see how she goes!

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Let me know about the 1.5s. I like regular Kitty and I love the nylons. If this is a good fusion of the two I’ll buy them by the 100’s. :slight_smile:

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Epic String are coming to YoYoExpert this week! (Hopefully)

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I have Ammo on all my Heavy throws (not really heavy, just full sized, slower, heavier throws, such as my Supernova) and kitty string on all of my floaty, light or light playing yoyos such as a Shutter or a Smooth move.

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HEY Logi can you post some pics of the string. Im really interested. 8)

If you want to know about some strings check out my post :slight_smile:


it might help some of you guys without having to buy so much string like I did.

I’m also very curious about Kitty 1.5