Your favorite strings?

Hey guys, I’ve been ordering a few different types of strings lately to see if I could find my preference, and I was just wondering what you guys liked in terms of strings?

I’ve found that I like stiffer strings that aren’t too thin or too fat. I’m loving my CLYW hybrid slackline, YYSL Venom, Twisted Strings Trixta and the Epic Strings Whippys, but I love G-string Solo for a thin string also.

I can definitely say that I HATE Twisted Strings A-1 I got. I don’t know if it’s just my batch, but they were wound really loose, and just don’t feel like a $7 for 10 string kind of string

got a set of the CLYW Slackline in 100% poly coming in, I’m pretty excited to try that

Big Yoyo String is where it’s at.

I love all the CLYW strings, and just so people know, not because they are CLYW but I love the way they all play. I Have a couple different Twisted Strings but don’t love any of them. I really love Toxic Dragons, as well as the good old Fat Kitty. I’m well stocked on all fronts thanks to the recent restock of the Toxic Dragons but I’m pretty sure they sold out very quickly.

Yeah, I was dumb enough to second guess getting a pack, and now they are all gone. I want to try type e and fat candy wires and fat kitty strings, I’ve heard good things about them.

I do love the way the orange CLYW hybrid strings play, they really are my all time favorite string right now, but I’ve got their green poly coming in on Monday, so we’ll see how that goes. BTW the epic strings whippy’s are very similar to clyw’s hybrids, I actually wish I had bought more than 5, and that they came in colors, but they feel so good, I don’t really care if they’re white

ive been loving the strings ive made. theyre comparable to kitty fats but i like the tension more.

Honestly twisted stringz have been letting me down a lot lately. I’ve bought upwards of two packs of almost every kind of string they make but the consistency is totally off. I have a pack of a-1 I love and then I bought two extra packs and like you they came super loose and play totally different. This seems to be the case for a lot of the string I’ve gotten from them lately, almost every pack plays or feels different even among the same string types.

Buy Logi’s Epic Strings!!! They really are epic!

Yeah, it’s weird, I have a pack of Trixta’s that I love, they feel a little more stiff than my sweet spot, but it just makes them play so well. On the other hand, the a-1 is really loose, and super soft and I honestly can say they are my emergency strings, for when I have nothing else.

I did! The whippy strings are right up there with my orange CLYW strings in my favorite list. In fact, the whippy’s don’t even come second, they’re like 1.5th, only because they’re so expensive. They really are epic though, just taking them out of the bag, I could feel the quality and that stiffness level that I love so much

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I really dig kitty

Grand Rapids, YYR, Venom, Dragons

venom. soft, good whips/slacks/suicides, lasts a while. i tried almost everything on the market until yysl came around and then i threw type 2 on almost everything until type X came out and i switched to that on almost everything and then venom came out and i use that on 100% of my throws now for like 1.5ish years

when i leave an old one on a yoyo that i send out in a bst deal, at least 50% of the time the person that receives it says something like “what was the string? its amazing!” and that almost never happens when i use other random strings

My pack of Venom strings does feel really good, I have one on my Gnarwhal 2 and it works great, and the packaging is pretty cool to boot. I forgot I had that string on there… perhaps another contender for 1.5th place? It’s not expensive when you consider what good strings go for, and you certainly get more packaging than usual. I don’t know, there is a lot to consider to say “This exact string is my favorite”

Well, my preferences still stand at least, stiffer and on the thinner side of fat strings

Really liking Ammo strings, however they don’t last as long as I would like them to. Venom works really well, I just got a pack of type X, haven’t tried it out yet. Excited though.

evil smile


There is a reason I praise your strings in nearly every post I make in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Epic Strings chubby unicorns and Kitty String normal

Thanks man! I would have some new colors, but that would raise the price even more, and nobod wants that hat.

werrd blueprint
any thicker and heavier poly really.

Yeah, I hear ya! I really do like the strings as is anyway, they could really be any color if they play the same as the pack I have

I have been meaning to try some blueprint, I’ve just been waiting until I could really drop some change on a big string purchase. As of now, I’ve just been tacking 10 packs onto each order I make (my largest order had most of my current packs in it though) once I get some brands and styles locked in, I can stock up from there.

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I have not tried that many strings at all. If I do choose one I’ve tried that I like best, it’d be Kitty String - Standard.