Your favorite strings?

I like all the StringLab strings, but especially Type X. They really make whips and slack tricks easier and they last twice as long as anything else I’ve used. I can’t say enough good about them. Oh, and one other thing, my favorite is white but they do make some super nice colors.

Kitty Fat and Kitty XL. Wee for 3A…

Definetely Type X now. Super good stuff.

YYSL FTW!!! ^0^/



The Venom is toooo gud.

BluePrint and Fat Kitty.

Gotta say kitty strings seems to be the next strings I try based on all the replies.

Love my venom strings too, they are right up there on the podium

Most of the strings I have left in my stock are blue YYE 100% polys. But my go to theses days are Normal Kitty Strings.

Unknown, though I don’t think he’s currently taking orders.

For thin poly, the KYS Luckey string is doing the trick rather nicely! Pretty long for a pre-tied, too.
For regular poly, just a 100ct of sOMEThING type-2 in orange and I’m loving it
For just a bit above regular, Kitty 1.5 is hard to beat, plus it has nice stiffness
For thick and fluffy, Jake Elliott (available through KYS or as Grand Rapids) is nice.

Definitely gotta shout out to Logi, too. :wink: The original Epic string has a place in mah heart.

Cool suggestions guys!

Just ordered some fat kitty and fat candy wires to see how I like those. I’ll have to try some of that kitty 1.5 since I’m loving the hybrid clyw so much, but I also need to look into all of those other strings too, they sound awesome

Got 100 Kitty 1.5 couple days ago

Already loving it more than regular kitty string

Dragons have become my go-to strings. Plain white, long lasting, hard enough to not have to constantly be adjusting tension, but not too harsh on the hands.

Strings I’ve really liked in the past are NOLY and Chaos (622, I think).

To me dragons felt too plasticy …
Lasted long but didnt have that soft flowy feel of kitty string

Actually, I don’t much care for that “New Dragon Feel” either. They play better once they’re broken in and the threads have been stretched and tightened. When they’re fresh, I constantly feels like the loop is gonna slip off my finger. That goes away pretty quickly though, and then they’re very stable and degrade slowly so you have plenty of warning when it’s time to change strings. A dragon lasts me at least a week, sometimes a month, though it’s hard to say how many hours that translates to. At least ten.

A Dragon will last me WAY longer than 10 hours. Probably more like 50 or 100 hours. :wink: But I can’t handle the way they feel. :frowning:

I’ve really been wanting to try some dragon strings, but I missed the release because I second guessed adding a fat string to my order since I didn’t know any of my preferences at the time ::slight_smile:

The Epic Strings lightning bolts have a Dragon-esque feel, but they are thinner, maybe even thinner than Drakens. I really like them but I wish they were a bit thicker.

I genuinely love the Epic Whippy strings, they could be a couple strands fatter if I had any say, but they are my #1 if cost isn’t an issue

A Dragon after I’ve broken it in. Such good performance, and unbelievable longevity. But that break in period… Takes about as long to break in a Dragon as the amount of time that I get out of a Kitty Fat.

For bulk string my go to is Kitty XL. I liked Kitty Fat as well, but XL is softer with better longevity to me, as well as better slacks and whips. Eats up spin times a bit more, and is more prone to snagging with multiple wraps in the gap, but I don’t do super complex stuff most of the time, so XL is better for my laid back play.

Overall, I like XL better than Dragon if I’m putting a fresh string on, because I don’t really like the break in process of Dragons. But once broken in, Dragons top XL in every category for me.

I’m a YYSL Ammo man myself. Soft, bouncy, whips well and lasts decently long. A great all-rounder that just works for me. :slight_smile: