Has anyone tried CLYW slackline hybrid string!?!?!?

i finally tried it and oh boy this stuff is like crack, once you try it you’ll never get off of it! Steve brown had talked about how much he liked it on ask.fm and so i decided to try it and this stuff is amazing. if you get the chance def pick some up. i hope yoyoexpert starts selling it soon too!

I’ve bought several bundles of the Hybrid version of their strings, and I like them. They whip really well, and thus far seem to last quite a while.

I enjoy it a lot. I meant to order more with my Puffin 2 but I forgot to order some string. I find it very similar to G String. It’s a close second to YYSL for me for sure.

It probably is G String

I find it a bit thick, stiff, and lifeless. It’s wrapped really loose, which makes it feel rough on the fingers, even though it’s fairly smooth. It breaks in alright, but at that point it just feels like Kitty fat nylon or 1.5, so not worth 5x the price.

Hahahaha, nope.
I can tell you honestly that yoyoGstring is NOT making Slackline for CLYW.
Although we are very glad that it is being made IN Canada. We Northerners make good stuff. :slight_smile:

It’s been 3 days with this string and I don’t see anything special about it. It’s pretty rough, it plays alright, feels like plastic, and it’s stiff. I’m not fond of the way it holds tension either.

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How dear thou question any product made by our glorious god, clyw? Off to the bottomless pit with thee.

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Lol. And in the bottomless pit you shall be given your holy grail yoyo without a string, and be forced to sit there for eternity, unable to use it ever.

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LOL ^^^

We wanted to make some string that was amazing for slack, would last a long time, hold tension and feel super smooth on the fingers. To me we accomplished this. Definitely hearing both sides of the story with our feedback so far. Super happy with how it all came out. Thanks for the feedback, it will help us moving forward.

Oh my god I had to go hug my string to make sure it’s still there