Just not feeling this string. I got the “Type X” string, and it seems lacking in performance to me. It can’t hold string tension to save It’s life, and it doesn’t seem to perform that well in slacks/whips. It only performed well for me for the first 10 min i used it, but after that, it just kinda sucked. i kept waiting for it to break in, but after about a day and a half of playing it, it should have broken in by now.
Anyone else had any YYSL experience like mine?

Most homebrew string I try tends to be incredibly meh. I don’t know why people flip over it.

Yah im not impressed with it either. Expected more from it but ill stick with toxics and my own homemade twist.

I make string and it plays very well. Check out my b/s/t to check the string out.

i use toxics, and some other stuff. i was very underwhelmed over this string. it didn’t seem nearly like the same quality that the other string i have tried was.

i never had any issues with YYSL string

its a really tough market for string right now though. same for yoyos. everyone and their mom makes string, yoyos, and accessories now.

i like it personally. it “separates the boys from the men” per se, as in it forces companies to always be on their A game no matter what.

Per se


whoops!!! internet police got me!!!

I actually like the YYSL string. I just like the feel of it. Well at least the neon yellow feels nice to me. The pink feels different.

But like HVizier said, I like all of the string companies poppng up. It gives you options and you can try out something new. You may like it, you may not.

weeoo weeoo~ spinny lights

I agree. IMO, there’s just waaayyyy to many yoyo companies, and string companies popping up as of late. It’s overwhelming to me.