Yoyo string lab type x review


Hmmm… I’ve never heard complaints like this about any string before, so bear with me.

What yoyo are you using?
What is your skill level?
What do you mean by “chews up your bearing”? I’ve never heard of a bearing being chewed by anything.
What type of silicone is this string “chewing to shreds”?
Did you zero-out the tension before attempting to do your Jade Whip?
Have you attempted to break the string in by playing it for 15 or 20 minutes?

sorry for your troubles man.

uhm…people have chosen this string(yysl: type x) in competitions,Ann connolly uses it for this and for her few yoyo videos. I have never had trouble with the type x; it may feel a little unsubstatial or thin and light but if you know what you’r doing it does’nt make a diference. like nkessler said: did you try and break it in,or try to strech it out first? Even the best throwers in the world must bow to string tension and its effects on play.

by the way I would trust mr.nkessler. He introduced me to yysl and I love their string.
Iv’e never had any problems with it…

oh, and mabey try really really hard to post a video on this thread so people can see your problem in real motion and life.
hope you find a fix man!

A clyw chief so it has a very wide gap. Sorry i wasnt clear before. When i would bind or if it would bind early it would twirl into itself and get caught in the gap. thats what i meant by chewing up the gap because the string would be everywhere. But im pretty sure it was a weird fluke string. because i threw it out and replaced it with another from the package and this one works beautifully. so idk what was wrong with the one i picked up but everything is fine now.
so im happy.


AWSOME hope you dont have anymore problems

Also i forgot to add, now that ive played with it for an hour and its broken in, it plays very well. Im still not sure what was wrong with that odd one. But im happy i replaced it. So my troubles are gone. thank you guys though!

I’m glad it worked out well! My opinion of YYSL string is very, very high, so I was very surprised to hear that you were having such problems.

There is always the chance that you just got a bum string, but that’s still very surprising. Matt named the company “YoYoStringLab” because he makes his string in a lab-like environment. Every single action he performs is identical for every color within every type for every single string. I know all string makers operate that way, but Matt has really taken it to the extreme as far as procedural repetition is concerned.

Maybe the thread used to make that particular string was defective or poorly woven? I don’t know, but regardless of the cause, I’m glad the rest of your pack is functioning as it should.

By the way, I think everyone should take my views of YYSL with a tiny grain of salt. I’m a huge fan of the string, so my gut reaction is to defend it immediately. I believe my review is as sound as I can make it because I had plenty of time to write it up, but case-by-case issues are likely to receive less-than-stellar objectivity from me.

Deanhorneck - PM me your address. I don’t want you to miss out on even one string. I’ll send you a pack to make up for your trouble. I can’t imagine what happened with that one string, as has been said, I am super conscious of making each string the same, string to string and batch to batch. Also, if that string is still available, let me know and I will provide a return postage paid envelope. I’m curious as anything to get a look at it. Thanks!


This is why I’m such a huge fan of YYSL. Even before his string got so popular, Matt was doing things like this to make sure his product is the best it can be. That drive for perfection is exhibited all over the yoyo industry, but Matt’s is the best example I’ve ever found.

It really makes you feel a little better to know that the man who made your string is so concerned with his product, I love these things!