yoyo string lab AWESOME!

I recently stumbled upon a relatively new string maker, and I am very impressed with the quality, durability, silkiness, ease at which it holds an open loop, and overall playability; not to mention the guy who runs it is a really cool dude who responds to your questions on the fly and ships out pronto. Here is a link to the website. This is magical stuff :wink:


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Cool, thanks man. The site looks pretty cool. I’m gonna have to pick some of this up and try it out for myself

I just might have to check this out

Cool i think I saw this on Facebook too.

Agreed on the title.

Just got ahold of some type 1 and type 2 string, and I have to agree! This stuff is awesome. It holds it’s shape and thickness well, and it’s very comfortable on the hand. Doesn’t wear on my throw hand as fast as other strings I’ve tried lately, and the Type 1 doesn’t accidentally bind at all, and the Type 2, while it does occasionally bind up on a thumb grind, has a good meaty feel to it and doesn’t thin out as quickly as 50/50 slick 8 string. And it’s very slick, no problems with the texture, like I’ve been experiencing with Toxic String, which looks better, but is very rough. All in all, I think I’ve found my favorite new string…

I love it, just not neon orange, as I feel it dies too fast(only getting 3-4hrs) but the same formula(type 2) in roasted peppers is my favorite along with orangy yellow. I still haven’t killed the roasted peppers yet got 10+hrs on one and it looks like a super version of highlight after a couple of throws(a little fuzz but still pretty)

There is a new formula, Type X coming out very soon. This is the newest string that was created to step up performance to the next level. The feel starts just a bit rougher, but it whips really well and plays fast. Serious players tend to rate this string the finest YYSL yet, although I’m sure people will have different favorites.

Also, I’ve got some new stickers:


I have had the exact same opinion. I also had the yellow/green color(not sure on name) and it has also lasted less than roasted peppers. Still, it’s an awesome string, can’t wait for type X

I’ve tried them, theyre AWESOME! (Does anyone know if they’ll make a yo-yo like Toxic Strings? That’d be interesting. . .)

Hmmm… I have been focusing on making string that hits a sweet spot, but it’s not out of the range of possibilities to make a yoyo down the line. I would love the creative and engineering challenges.

I bought some strings at Cal-States.

Great stuff! Love the stickers too!!!

Got some lemon-lime type x soo dreamy

Thanks!  They will be available at BAC too.  Of course, people can always get them here at YYE: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/588/Yo-Yo-String-Lab-Type-X-String---10-Pack

Back when I started producing Type X someone who already really liked Type1 and Type2 sent me some comments about the different types that people might find helpful:

"I got the package of full-blown Type X today and I’m extremely surprised with it.  I spent a lot more time throwing the first batch you sent me (the yellow ones) and fell in love with them.  Now that the finished product is here I’m even happier with it.

It feels very thick at first, but gets about 20% thinner after an hour of play.  The whipping potential of this stuff is much better than Type 1, Type 2, and the hybrid yellow string you sent me.  It makes a serious “whoosh” sound when whipped and moves very quickly, but also holds stable slack and doesn’t act on it’s own.  [Other maker’s string] seems to move in weird ways because of it’s “cord-like” nature.  Type X feels a bit like a solid cord, but is much more flexible and easy to control.

The suicide loops aren’t as easy to catch as Type 1, but they are right on par with Type 2.  They do move a lot faster, though, so tricks like Double Suicide and Back Hops Suicide are easier and much smoother.  Type X really shines when played quickly.  Type 1 is perfect for someone with a relaxed style, while Type 2 is better for someone who does a lot of tech and chopsticks work.  Type X seems to blend the two perfectly, but ramp up the speed.  I seriously think this stuff will become the competition string of choice for any serious throwers who try it out."

I was glad about his resonse to the new string, but wasn’t sure about his prediction in that last sentence.  That was until I found out that Andrew was using Type X when he placed first at RI States: