quality string

I’ve been using kitty string since I started , almost a year ago . I’m really into learning slacks and whips right now . and think this might be a good time to switch to better string . What strings do you guys like ?

Unknown String Jackrabbits! 8)

Hey man! I thought you were dead!

He isn’t dead… he just likes to disappear for extended periods of time. Welcome back Mang.

Back on topic, I love Toxic Strings. Their Snake format is my current favorite.


Stock Poly. Oh Yeahhh!
Haven’t gotten around to other strings.

Kitty string. Normal or Fat, but you’re already using that. Never used anything better.

I want to try the Ammo though

yup. I’ve only tried one sample string but I hope to get more. It whips beautifully, comes in gorgeous colors, isn’t too hard on the hands, and one string will last you a good long time. I highly recommend it.

JAMS yoyo string https://www.facebook.com/JamsYoYoString?ref=ts&fref=ts

They are soft, move well, whips well, has nice bright colors, and should last a long time

   I don't do the facebook thing anymore .  quit almost a year ago and I'm never going back .

No problem, just check out the colors they have and if you like to order just pm this guy http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=23616

Strings are great, you wont regret it :slight_smile: they are pretty cheap too… 10 strings for $3, 25 for $6, 50 for $11, and 100 for $14.50 you can mix strings like say you fet 10 strings you can order 5 red, 5 blue or whatever for the same price. And if you want multi colored string it only costs .75 extra for any order

So far I’ve bought normal Kitty, Yoyostringlab Ammo, a Toxic Sampler that had 1 or all of their strings, a sampler from Quick13 strings, slick 6 poly, and then a 10 pack of Toxic BG1 Yellow Jackets and a 10 pack of Toxic Snakes. If you want good whips and slacks, go with Snakes or Yellow Jackets. The Snakes whip faster, the Yellow Jackets are softer on the hands. Toxic Dragons and Quick13 T13’s are both faster whipping than the Toxic Snakes, but they are a little too thin for my taste.

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YYSL type X.

Quick 13 P1s, P2s, and T13x. Toxic Dragons, Snakes, BG1s. Big Yoyo String Type 1 is in the middle, but fast enough for whips.

Dragons are by far the whippiest and although a bit thinner than something like Snakes, they seem to bind just fine. They’re not “thin” by any stretch.

I don’t find YYSL Type X to be whippy at all. Did I get a mislabeled package or something? :wink:

I don’t think they’re necessarily whippy, but they are thicker so they retain tension and have good momentum. If you’re comparing them to dragons though, I don’t think any other string is “whippy”.

Mine don’t seem any thicker than regular poly. I’m so confused. :-/

The majority of input I have received on Type X is that it is about the same thickness as basic string (a few have said slightly thicker, but to me they seem about the same). Also, that they whip slightly faster than basic string, but not crazy fast like some of the super whippy strings. AMMO with it’s heavier weight whips faster than Type X, but still controlled.

Ammo is super soft and it plays amazing. It’s worth buying a tube of it.

I have some Ammo on the way; it should be here this week! Looking forward to it. :wink: And your description of the Type X is exactly in line with my opinion. I’m not going crazy after all! It’s a wonderful string and all, mind you.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but ammo is really soft.