is there better string than kitty string normal?

I was wondering is there better because I get annoyed on how often I have to change my string.
I have kitty string and the color starts to fade out in 1 to 3 days after lots of use everyday and I hate that I have to change it that often.also the string tension I have to fix it a lot too.I’m a good player so I dont mess up or get knots or dirty my strings up very badly like begginers.I have kitty string normal neon green and neon yellow 10 pack.
So is there better string out there?
Is string lab Ammo any good because $6 for a 10 pack is almost doubled the price for kitty string and I hear that kitty string is the best out there.
or is there a better type of kitty string like slim or 1.5 or nylon?
Or is that normal and I should just get a 100 pack?
please help thankyou :slight_smile:


but I do like fat kitty string and Yoyostringlab Ammo/Type X over normal kittes

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not proper placement, but I have both kitty and ammo.

kitty string is a good and cheap string that lasts a while, but it isn’t even on the same wavelength of ammo string. Ammo whips much better and holds tension much better along with being softer and thicker. I like Ammo much much more than kitty because it gives a better feel to the yoyo IMO.

Yup, I am yet to try better string than Ammo and I really wish YYSL would make 100 packs

hint hint

Rumor has it you can get it specially made

well…I might consider buying string lab ammo but one last question…does ammo string indivisualy strings last longer than regular kitty strings?


End of story no questions asked.

and I just got one today and put it clear through it’s paces and it stands and delivers it’s A game every throw. I haven’t played it long enough to see how long it lasts yet though

So Ammo is worth the price? $6

All comes down to preference. large bundles. Whether normal, thin or fat is best comes down to preference. I’m amazed that your strings are lasting 3-5 days. I change mine every day or so if I’m exclusively playing one yoyo.


yes it is worth it, but I only keep it on one yoyo so I don’t burn through the pack very quickly then kitty on all else

YES. IMO Matt from YYSL makes the best string out there. Just buy a couple packs and you’ll be set for a while.

I have only one good yoyo right now and its the genesis and thats the only yoyo I use right now

I agree. I got a 100-count of YYSL Type X after finally getting around to trying a 10-count pack he gave me at last BAC(I ended up with 3) at CalStates. I bought another 100-count at BAC. It’s good stuff.

I’ve also had good results with Twisted Strings Trixta, and I’d like to stock up on that as well.


I have loads of YYE string and I have no issue putting that on any yoyo I have. It just doesn’t last as long and is a bit rougher on my hands sometimes, but it’s good stuff too.

I have a 100-count of Kitty Normal. Seems decent enough.

I did not like Metz string. Costs too much, doesn’t last long enough, too thick, but was super soft. Didn’t like BG1’s, again too thick for me.

I always recommend buying small counts of a bunch of stuff and see what one likes. There’s no such thing as wrong.

Yeah and i just look for what yoyo like kitty and what yoyos like ammo. i like my dm2 to have kitty because it is thinner and works better in the gap. just getting a feel for what yoyo works best with a certaint string work from there

It’s all Preference, I prefer YYSL AMMO, as its thicker, softer, heavier than normal strings, making it perfect for Whips, Slacks, “Snap” tricks, lacerations, and single handed binds.

Lots of great stuff out there. Although I never really “connected” with Type X, I really love Ammo from YYSL. I also like slicker stuff along the lines of Toxic Dragons, but Dragons weren’t quite right for me either (still using up my stock and I do “like” them, though). Both Twisted and Quick 13 make some pretty nice “slick” strings for when you’re in the mood for those The Quick 13 I use are T13x; the Twisted model slips my mind right now… Quick 13 also makes a “middle ground” string that’s quite nice, the P1. Not quite as slick and wears out more quickly, but a really great string.

Toxic BG1s are indeed on the thick side, but for certain yoyos I really love it.

Some of the smaller string makers do great stuff. Loving the Epic Strings; Big Yoyo’s Type 1 is something special, too. I had this bundle of Unknown Strings that are a discontinued type, and I don’t even know the name of it… but if it’s any indication of quality and consistency, their production model(s) must be amazing.

I was trying to pick a string to put on my Pro tonight (I have far too many options for my mental health) and decided on a Fat Kitty in the end. Although it’s a “common bulk string” it really hit the spot. There’s a reason Kitty is popular!

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Our Type 1 is unlike anything else in the market. It’s like a cross of hamstring, kitty string, and magical fairies :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a shout out. There is no best string best yoyo best silicone best bearing best axle or best colorway, or even best shape…

It depends on wether or not you like Normal Kitty’s.

The only way to find out what YOU think is better than normal kitty’s is to take what you don’t like and see if other strings have it.

Never tried fancy string. All I use is 100% Polyester Yoyoexpert string.

And I have no problems. So it’s not the fancier more expensive string that’s better.

Some people like YYE String better than all the name brands.


It looks like you want a string that has what kitty string has x10?

Basically what you mean by What string is better than kitty, a softer better tension holder better at slacks and whips type string? One that advances what kitty’s have…

I love kitty string. It’s so cheap you can change it every day if you like. Premium strings do last a bit longer, but I prefer fresh string each day over a single premium string that I feel guilty about unless I keep it on for many days.