Best String


So I’ve got a few questions to whoever wants to contribute. What is your favorite string? which type of string do you prefer? the reason behind these questions is because I’ve wanted to expand my experiences in yoyoing starting with yoyo string. I’ve heard yoyo string can play a big factor when you practice and so far I’ve tried regular kitty string. I want to try new types of string you guys might recommend since I suppose there are people with more experience than I in this topic.


I love my Kitty Fat!


I love my angel hair(nylon).
I doubt (m)any will agree though.


Buddha yellow thunder


I love it too! I’ve got enough to last a few lifetimes.


If you want a traditional poly string I find that YYSL Ammo and Venom are the best, if you want a thicker string try ammo, more medium-thickness go Venom. Holds tension extremely well, good for slacks and loops, good durability and extremely soft.

If you want a more “gimmicky” string with a different feel Epic Strings has a nice selection. I’m not a fan of the lightning bolts or whips just cuz they’re not my preference, but I think everyone should try that type of string at least once to see how they feel about it. They’re a really slick string that’s INSANE at whips and last an extremely long time. You’ll burn through a 10-20 pack of your kitties before you’re done with one lightning bolt or whips. Downsides to these strings, and the reason why most people don’t like them for regular play, are that they don’t hold tension as well, they’re more rough, and they might whip a little TOO fast for people’s tastes.

I personally like their Magic Threads better, it’s a soft nylon string; I personally prefer strings of this kind the most. They feel different from poly because they’re a little slicker but they’re still really soft. They handle whips better than any traditional poly string(such as YYE poly, kitty, blueprint, YYSL, etc) and tension and slacks are on par with YYSL. These also last an extremely long time, not as long as the previous strings I’ve mentioned but still lasts as long as 10 kitties.

From what I hear Cloud string may be better than all of these but I haven’t tried them myself yet so I won’t comment on them but I think you should give those a shot too.


String is such a personal preference sort of thing. What I like others may find too soft or too bouncy. The best thing you can do is see if any companies offer a sample pack of all their different types and see which one works best for you.


Thank you for all these options, I have heard of string lab and wanted to try them but from just the description on yye I wasn’t too sure.


What color you sportin my brotha?

I thinking about ordering some yellow or white ones soon.


I personally use YYSL Ammo Yellow or the YYE edition. Plays great and holds tension well.


I started making my own and never went back. Its extremely cheap and the string is amazing. Its really not difficult, all you need is some sewing thread, a power drill and a about 3 or 4 minutes.


Kitty Fat, Eagle String Beak Thick, and Buddha Poly


how long do they usually last?


Depends what thread you use


what kind of thread would you recommend?


Mine last 1-3 days usually, I practice anywhere from 1 hour to a few hours a day. But I also tend to toss them as soon as they get very “fuzzy” or start to feel old. When they’re so cheap why not?

I buy the 300 yard spools of 100% polyester for about $2.50-$3.00 which yields about 115 strings.


I have every color. Many of the colors I purchased recently are not very vibrant, though. Yellow is though, and the white is super white.


You certainly make that sound desirable. Especially to me, as I also throw tops.


This is a good video. It takes a bit of experimentation to find what you like. I time how long I use the drill to twist it [1:15] so they’re consistent and I use a door knob to anchor mine. The color of the string also makes a difference I think, it feels like some dyes make the string more or less slick and may affect the stiffness and “weight”. In still experimenting but I do have my favorite colors and methods.

I usually just wake up and make one in the morning before practicing, that way I always have some in reserve.


My gripe with them exactly!Needs mar neon colours.Iwould literally buy 5x100 packs if they came in neon pink/green. ;D