Best Strings?

Hey guys I’m looking to get your opinions on the best string for all around use ::slight_smile:

Kitty String. Widest range, best performance for price.

I’d say kitty string. You could also check out YYE 100% polyester. Pretty cheap and I like it a lot. I’d use either kitty string or 100% polyester.

what about all those fancy strings like yoyo string lab… is it all hype?

Kitty string is cheap, lasts well for price, and overall performs very well! Many pros use it like Gentry stein.
My personal favorite is YYSL Type X. It lasts for good amount of time, whips good, feels really nice, and is very eye catching . Only con is that its kinda pricey, as it is a kind of “premium” string

I also hear that Blueprint string is better than kitty.
Some say it lasts longer, but is harder on the hands.
Also the loop comes pre tied so watch out for that.
Its also cheaper than kitty so if $$$ is a factor, this would be a good candidate

If durability and quality are what you are looking for, and don’t mind spending a bit of money, You shoul consider Graou String. I heard they last a lifetime(Not really, but very long) , but you will have to contact the creator directly, who is in France, I believe.
I think their E-mail is

Beast, but too expensive, man. Stick with Kitty.

Yeah, Blueprint string Is great and possibly outperforms Kitty In my opinion. But the pre tied loop could be bad If you like a longer string. I have also found their extra thickness to occasionally cause unexpected snags.

I’m gonna go ahead and suggest blueprint as well. As others have said, they start out a bit rough, and they’re fairly thick so they can cause some snags initially. But those characteristics pretty much vanish after a half hour or so. It breaks in really nicely to a feel that is plenty soft, and as it breaks in it also gets thinner. They also last a really long time. I really haven’t worn any of mine out yet… The only reason I’ve changed them is usually for a knot and the fact that they’re so cheap that I don’t feel bad about it. If I’ve used one for a few days and I get a knot, I’ll just replace it instead of fussing with the knot.

Overall they’re great for the price. I really want to order another 100 pack, but there aren’t any colors that I want left in stock right now.

The answer to the original question varies on what “Best Strings” means to you. Best performance, best feel, best value, best price?

The YYSL strings you asked about cost more up front, but since you don’t have to change as often as Kitty or YYE type strings, it’s actually a little closer than it appears. Still, I imagine Kitty would be cheaper over the course of a year. The question I like to ask is, even so, is the performance and feel of YYSL (or another premium string) worth it to you? Some people appreciate it enough to spend a little extra. Others, it doesn’t really matter, might as well save the cash. Some people get both kinds and use Kitty on just about everything and save YYSL for their favorite throws.

I loved hearing Eric Koloski telling me about his response when he tried it while hanging out at JD’s. He said he never really thought much about string, but he was surprised at the difference. After that he didn’t want to go back.

I am biased of course, but I’m still going to suggest to try some and see for yourself (maybe throw in some Toxic too, which can be a blast for whips). If you are having more fun, ask yourself if that extra fun is worth it for your throwing. You will know one way or the other, or maybe be stuck in the middle, in which case at least your best throws will be happy. :stuck_out_tongue:

You may be biased, but that was still good honest advise.

Whatever brand, get yellow.

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Not a bad Idea. Yellow suites the largest variety of yoyo colors.

High visibility too.

So what’s the best car color? :wink:

Honestly my advice is to try some. Buy 10 packs till you find the strong you like. I wouldn’t buy kitty 1.5 until I tried some. Soon as they were available in 10 packs I ordered them to try. Try some of the high end strings and see if they are worth it. Try some of the cheep ones see if you can tell the difference. I have 3 different strings that I use depending on the mood.

Kitty String Nylon 1.5 is my current bulk string of choice. It is nice fairly long lasting and cheep. It’s my humid summer string for when I need to change strings daily.

Toxic snakes are my favorite strings. They are expensive but they play well. Last longer than kitty’s and are just overall better performers. As soon as the humidity gets lower I break them out.

Then when I want something a little different I whip out the Big Yoyo Strings Cyber Silk. They use some really interesting materials. They last for weeks and have a really fun play characteristics. They are very slick while still being soft. There are binds that I can do with them that I can’t do with other strings. I use them for working on tricks that have lots of string in the gap.

The biggest problem I have with BYYS is the winding. It is very lose and ends up with string tension being different at each end of the string. When I use BYYS I pinch the string and pull all of the extra wraps to the knot end before tying my loop. This has really improved them.

For a good cheap string I recommend blueprint or Fat Kitty(X Fat if you really like thick strings). Blueprint lasts longer but kitty is softer and I like the play just a tad more.

As for premium strings, you just have to get YYSL Ammo(Venom if you want something thinner) if you want a great non-gimmicky string. And by non-gimmicky I mean 100% polyester but not trilobal thread(a type of thread that’s stiff and rough but are really whippy and last a REALLY long time like what a lot of toxic strings are made of).

Stuff like kitty is great if you change your string out often, but if you like having a long lasting strings, I would recommend Epic(dur) or graou strings.

Both play amazing and some you can wash out when they get dirty.

Strings are cheap. The difference between $4 and $6 is not a lot (well technically it’s $2…I teach math) when you consider how much you have invested in everything else. Get what you like! I’m a HUGE fan of Venom strings. They do play differently. They feel amazing, and they last for-ev-er. But they may not be for you. As far as color: I like white. It really does go with everything. It’s easy to see late at night when I find some time to play, and it just looks clean and simple. Also, YYSL makes some of the coolest shirts I have ever seen. That’s my opinion.

If you like Venom and cool shirts, we’ve got something in the works.

So let’s see that’s $0.20 a string difference. If you average 1 string every day and a half. That’s 240 strings a year. Times the $0.20 saving is about $50 a year. If you go to something like kitty that averages $0.18 a string you are saving $100 a year. To me that argument is a valid reason to try to find a string you can buy in bulk.

I still think you should buy premiums strings. And when you can play them, you should. As stated earlier I love toxic strings. But when I am just throwing constantly and burning through strings, I don’t waste the expensive ones.

Premium strings last longer though so that’s not really true. One or two packs of dragon strings will last just as long as a 100 pack of kitty, so getting 2 packs of dragons could actually be a cheaper investment then a 100 pack of kitty