Since I’m new to yoyos and going though all the post on strings and what not I kept reading just to try out a bunch of different brands and strings so since I had the money and I have been learning a lot of stuff now since I have a lot of down time during. Work I place 2 big orders from yoyoexpert a few people have told me that I was crazy for for ordering sooo much what do you guys think

Can’t have too much, you’ll run out faster than you think.

Really I was thinking that this Is gonna last me for months lol have you played with any the strings I got any thoughts on them I order the kitty strong normal fat and xl yoyo string lab ammo venom and type x blueprint strings and twisted strings project x

Unless your changing your string every 10 minutes of play 500+ strings will last a very long time.

OP - Id say that much string would last 1-2 years even if you change string fairly frequently. But I’m confused about one thing… If your looking to just sample different types of string why did you buy multiple 100 packs and multiple 10 packs of the same type of strings? :smiley:

I see 3 100 packs of kitty, 6 tubes of venom, 3 tubes of ammo, 5 10 packs of type X, and 4 packs of twisted string.

Instead you could’ve bought a 10 pack of all of those strings and then probably 10 more different types of strings offered at YYE


When ever I buy something I always buy it in bulk even if I don’t like some of the strings im gonna still gonna use them im ordering my throws in the next few weeks so maybe one sting I don’t like on one throw I will like on my other ones

thats a lot of string. I only buy the cheap 100% poly YYE string. never had problems. Ive tried other strings, I don’t see enough of a difference for them to be 10x more expensive. Maybe its just me

My magic ball tells me you’ll have a ridiculously huge stash of high end yoyos by this time next year. You should chop up your credit card now while you still have a chance.


Actually not even my credit cards I buy my yoyo stuff with money from my pay checks I only use my credit cards if my kids neeed something or for an emergency

XD love it because its so true XD…“100$ for a yoyo?! But its just a toy!” …6 months later…“i need some gas money man…” “didnt you just get paid?” “yea,but i just blew 300$ on these two throws that i just had to have” trust me it does get there,im becoming alil well known for dropping some heavy cash on the BST just for one throw XD.

But its a deep space summit XD so i HAD to have it XD

Lol it’s gonna happen to me my family thinks I’m crazy for spending over 200 on yoyo strings they really gonna blow their top when they see how much I pay for a yoyo

Dood, I lasted on 10 type x, 5 venom, and like 35 kitty in a year…

And as someone said, either cut up your credit cards, or cut off your arms

as a habit I usually order a 100 pack at least whenever I buy yoyos, my last order I ordered sum kitty xl to try fatter string and some cheap 100pack poly, I still have about 150-200 strings that i haven’t used but half of them are extra long 50/50, the 50/50 doesn’t work as good for whips or slacks, and I know i will need more soon… Since i am paying shipping on it I might as well get some string supply,

Most of my yoyos are tuned for normal width string, but on my next order I will probably try out a 100pk of skinny kitty string so i have a variety of widths to mess with

extra string is usually a welcomed gift to those in need that run out too, I also change my string often worn out fuzzy strings just feel bad to me.

Phwoaaar, look at all that YYSL… it’s an absolute feast of string. drools

How long they last obviously depends on how quickly you go through string. We don’t get much hot weather over here, nor much humidity, so one Ammo/Venom can last me for ages.

At any rate, it never hurts to have too much. You can’t yoyo without string. ;D

lol yup your magic ball is right I’m actually eye balling a few that i would like to try out but i will have to wait till i get paid in 2 weeks couldn’t buy none this check had to sign my daughter up for brazilian jim-jitsu classes

That’s a lot of string, you’re a lot more organized than I am. I only use the black string, so when I get a new yo-yo, I put all the other colored stock strings in an empty mystery box. I dumped out the box and that’s what you see as the pile in the middle. by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

wow TA shoulda known you would shown up here.

TA why don’t you use the stock I use the stock string till it dies which is a few days for me

I personally don’t use the stock either. I also have a pile of stock string but it’s nothing on the mountain that TA has built… that thing could probably circle the earth a couple of times if they were tied end to end.

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I always use the stock string, too. The YYF stuff is actually quite good.

It is actually good, especially the YoyoFactory string (the green or blue/white colors you see are mostly theirs). Also, the C3yoyodesign and CLYW stock string is in the pile, in yellow. I don’t use them because it’s just not my preferred color. There’s nothing wrong with it at all, it’s all great string. At the top, you’ll even see some plastic bags of rainbow colored string from Magic Yoyos. I don’t own any Magic Yoyos anymore, but I get their string free with BST deals and have some left from the few I bought in the past. It’s really a pretty cool assortment, I just haven’t tried them. If there is ever a shortage of black on the market, I’ll dive into the pile. It’s like the box I’ll break open in case of emergency.

But, for now, I will be using that lump of black Kitty on the left and the black YYSL on the right. :wink: