62 out of 100 strings in 3 months

I got my 100 pack of YYE poly on June 6th, and it showed up on my door on June 8th. I just counted how many I’ve used since then (about 3 months) and I only have 62 left, which means that I’ve used 38 since the beginning of June. Is that too much? Too little? I just wanna hear what you guys (and girls) think anout my string usage.

Everyone uses string at different rates.

I go through a whole 100 pack in 2-3 weeks. Some people can make an 100 pack last 1-2 months.

Don’t sweat it, everyone goes through string at different rates.

You’ve gone through less than one per day… A lot of people go through multiple every day. If I’m using poly I’ll use at least one per day.

I had a 100 pack of kitty strings and it took almost 2 years to get rid of them and even longer for my yye strings since I only use those for 4a.

I change mine about once a month. But I only play about 10-15 min a day when you put it all together. I throw when I have a spare minute or if im craving a smoke ( which I am trying to cut out) Basically, when the bind starts to get slippy or the string seems frayed, I switch out. But I am a casual, relaxed player. If you are ‘hardcore’ and aggressive, switching out will need to be done more frequently. As with much of yoyoing, it’s a personal preference thing.

depends… sometimes I’ll switch strings every 30-60 minutes… usually I seem to keep a string for 5-10 days depending on how much I play.

I’ll play with one yoyo for at least an hour a day and still only change the string maybe once every two or three weeks. (This isn’t always true though. Sometimes if my hands are sweating a lot and the string does get pretty dirty I’ll change it earlier, but mostly true.) I’ve been using one 100 pack for the last probably 8 months or more and still have probably close to 30 or 40 left. String seems to usually work just as fine after a few weeks as after a few days in my opinion.

Gosh, I have been using the same string for 3 months…

Most of you guys so far have completely failed to include information that would ‘identify actual string mileage’.

Example>>> let’s say a guy has a yoyo bag that has 24 yoyos in it. Every day, he opens his bag and spends 45 minutes randomly picking out various yoyos and throwing them for several minutes apiece.
A month later he jumps into this thread and says, ‘well, I haven’t changed a string all month long’.

Which obviously is true but at the same time unintentionally misleading.

The only way you can give accurate readings about string usage in answering certain questions about it, is to switch the string from yoyo to yoyo as you play each day.

If you throw today for,say, an hour. You start with a BVM2 with an ammo string on it. 15 minutes later, you want to throw your Arctic Circle. You change the ammo string over from your BVM2, to your AC. You play the AC for 15 minutes and then you switch the same string over to your Berserker RX.

As you play various yoyos, the string follows.

Better yet, to make it easier to gauge. Your case has 24 yoyos(all used for 1a, lets just say). Each day when you open your bag, there is only one yoyo in the entire bag with a string on it. You start throwing with that yoyo and then change it over from yoyo to yoyo as you throw.

Eventually you are going to be changing that string over to the next yoyo and realize the string is ‘SHOT’.
Time for a new string.

If you kept track out of how much time you got out of that string, then you have a more accurate answer about your string usage.

But, there are so many more factors that might keep the actual answers from seeming/ being accurate.

1 What actual types of play do you subject your yoyo to?

2 Are you a casual speed player or an advanced hard core player?

3 What type of temperature/humidity are you dealing with?

4 Do ‘your’ hands sweat a lot when/as you play?

5 Do you wash your possibly oily dirty hands before you start throwing?

6 Do you constantly lube up your yoyo and soak your string with lube?

7 do you keep your string tension fairly neutral as you play? < realize that the tighter the string, the more it saws at itself, especially if you are cranking out tricks or folding a lot of segments into the gap, the string wears against itself. Another example regardless of string tension<>Steve Brown can ‘cook a string in 5 minutes’. He can literally beat the useful life out of a string in no time flat. He can help a yoyo string commit suicide. Harder core types of play, smoke string right up, lol.

8 also to be accurate you have to(everybody, not just the OP) state exactly what kind of string you use and what kind of response systems you may use in your yoyos, etc.

9 various shapes of yoyos can/do affect string life. A high walled yoyo can cause the string to wear against itself more than an open V design, like a Berserker for example, etc.

10 Possibly fixed axle play in there somewhere?

Notice the OP did not say what/which/type/shape/bearin size / etc.

I’m not saying you have to rewrite the Bible to get the Perfect accurate answer.

But if(my own vague example) I put this question to you guys> I have 100 string YYE poly string I bought 3 months ago. I have about 60 strings left. Am I using too much string?

Sometimes you have to get all the puzzle pieces into some kinda form, before you can identify what you are looking at.

Answers to many questions can only be as accurate as the information you provide in your question.

Hey, I weigh 150 pounds. Do you think I weigh too much or too little? See what I mean. Well, are you 6’ 4" or 4’ 6"? Funny stuff…

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I’m talking about one yoyo. One string, per day, at least.

Well, I started with this string in June on my cascade, most played yoyo I had, about 30 min to 1 hour of hard core a day, then it went to my avalanche, basically one hour of hard core a day. Still using it to this day. I think I washed it once or twice. Gets pretty dirty. Gone though some sweat. Still has ok string tension. Low string burn still. It is a 100% poly Epic Strings Whip.

A perfect example of a casual answer. Miami answered the question casually, pertaining to his personal usage. But not accurate enough to act as any kind of gauge for the OP beyond the exact wording in Miamis’ statement.

Casual answers ‘are’ answers, but not necessarily useful beyond a rudimentary degree in substance.

What yoyo, what weather conditions, what type of string, what bearing size, plastic or metal yoyo, polished or blasted finish on the yoyo, How much time per day constitutes a day of play, etc?

Kinda like in Court. You can’t come to an accurate verdict, unless/until you consider all the evidence.

Some answers can only be useful if they address questions that contain enough information ‘to be useful in drawing conclusions’.

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I answered casually because it isn’t a serious question. What I use doesn’t make a difference in what the OP uses. But, in case it turns into a life or death decision…

One yoyo, used indoors, over carpet. Room temperature, consistently at 73*F. Bare hands. No noticeable sweat. 20-30 minute sessions, maybe three sets, daily. Large (c-sized), Stainless steel, ten-ball bearing, silicone pad response. 6061 aluminum alloy construction. Carbon steel axle… Uhhh… 100% polyester Kitty string, shortened. 1a style play. A good deal of slack and suicide tricks. Multiple one-handed binds.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the string is yellow.

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string changing is so weird to me, how little some people do it that is… I go through 3-4 strings a day if i play a lot that day… some days just 1.
I can´t imagine playing a string for 3 days(!!!) of quite a lot of play, i would just kill myself with the tension and feel of it.

afterall, just change your string as soon as you want to, i can´t imagine just having 1 string on a day when playing a lot. for some people thats normal (also keep in mind “a lot of play” is a pretty flexible term)

so to answer your question, after that time… still having all that string… your going through them very very slow

I change mine out every 8ish hours of play normally, which used to be nearly every day, but now is closer to 4 days. But on yoyos like loopers I tend to change them out more, because I worry about them flying at or through something.
Also I use kitty string fat normally now.

I’ll just answer this with a quick rule of thumb: Once you don’t like the feel of your string anymore, change it.

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You are Always good for a Wise Guy kinda answer. But technically, your answer gave a lot more useful answer for perspective. Except for the little funny things you just threw in there, like axle type, lol.

Surprised you didn’t mention what color shirt you wear while yoing to get the best possible string life.

A lot of funny guys on this board. Join the crowd


Some people change strings more often than others… Some wait until it’s at the brink of snapping, which is about 1 string every 2-6 months depending on the string(yye poly would be 2) with let’s say an hour of play a day. Some change every time the string gets slightly frayed and just doesn’t look absolutely brand new anymore, which is about 15-60 minutes based on the string(yye poly would be 15). The frequency of how often I change strings varies. If I have a ton of strings I generally change once a day. If I only have 10-20 strings left I’ll change every week or so.

I recently just used up all the 100count Kitty String I bought straight from the Philippines. I bought those string 2 years ago. I have lots of yoyos too, mind you. Yeah, sometimes I get so lazy that I don’t change string for half a year.

I only change my string often when it comes to my 1080s especially because a fresh string feels better in 2A play. I probably change string on my loopers around once a week.

Abit unrelated, but it’s the same with replacing pads and cleaning/lubing bearings. I just don’t do it very often.

Lol I feel the same way I have been using my string for months I think it is a waste to go through string that quickly