How long does yoyo string last you and what's your daily schedule?


So recently, I’ve been yoyo-ing a lot more than I normally do. (Around 3-5 hours with breaks in between) I wake up at 10:00 AM, eat breakfast, then I play 30 minutes or so of Xbox. After that, it’s yoyos and a little kendama until I get bored and browse the net. Then I yoyo and kendama again and so on. At 7:30, I get on xbox again and play until 11:00. I noticed my string is fraying a lot more now. I have to change it in about 1-3 days. I’m using Kitty String (Nylon). So what string are you using, how long does it last, and what’s your daily yoyo schedule?

Edit I also should mention that I’m on vacation and that is why my schedule is so lazy.


I’m not allowed to have a daily schedule. My days are non-stop chaos.

How long do strings last? I’m using YYSL Type X and it seems to last forever! Even after I change them, they still have tons of life left in them.

I bought two 100-counts of YYSL Type X this year and a 100-count of Twisted Strings Trixtra. Plus I got like 600 of YYE 100% poly and 90+ YYE Type 10 Cotton for my wood axle yoyos, 70+ 100% cotten YYE bulk strings and over 180 YYE Slick 6 for my loopers…


I use regular Polyester.

I change it twice-per day each yoyo.

I wear through it easy


So much string!!! Omg! How much is an 100 count of type x? Ive always wanted to try it because people say it is awesome!


it all depends sometimes i throw for 20 minutes somtimes i throw for two hours, and i use normal kitty n most, nylon kitty on my code1, and yysl type x only on my chief. the kitty usually last two or three days. the nylon two days, and yysl 4-6 days i find.

(SR) #6

If I’m using the same yoyo the whole time, then I’ll have to change the string out after about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how hard I’m playing.


I change my YYSL Type X every other day or so. Once it loses it’s bounce and starts fraying, I’m done with it.


Regular yellow polyester lasts me around 75 throws before a change is needed


YYSL Type X- 3 weeks
YYSL Ammo- 3 weeks
Standard Kitty- 3 days


For me I play Type X and Ammo most and I can get a good 2 days play out of those. Other strings I change once twice sometimes even 3 times a day.


Slick 6, Yellow.

Replace every day!


Please tell me you phrased that wrong. A 100 count would have 100 strings. Or do you mean life in the strong?


Sorry those were supposed to be 2 different questions/statements.


I think that he meant how much does a 100 count of type x cost. If I misunderstood anything I apologize.


The YYE string is inexpensive and works fine, no reason to not have plenty in stock. plus, since I go to yoyo meets, string could potentially go fast, especially when I have to re-string a lot of yoyos in a hurry.

I think 100-counts of YYSL and Twisted Strings is around $60/100-count. I recommend buying it at contests if you have the option. I know that’s how I get YYSL strings in bulk. For Twisted Strings, I have to go direct, but that’s OK.


for me i used to use normal polly and each string would last me barely one practice session when i preping for contest (1hr and a half) or about one day of just casual play … now i use twisted string an one type a1 string will last me a week of practicing and casual playing ;D


I use Kitty String and it lasts me a whole month. Purely because of laziness and I don’t want to change string. And most know how short-lived Kitty Strings get in one session.
I play between 5 minutes a day to 1 hour a day max. The only time I played for more than 1 hour is when I was on vacation and I played for 6 hours straight. Hurt my head so much.


DRAGON from Toxic Strings last me a few months. Usually wash it once or twice a month.



not long enough. i throw an hour or three a day and i burn through strings at an alarming rate.