How much? What amount of time? How often?

I have been wondering how much string do people possess. I right now just got 100 polyester YYE string (Green) and 10 YYSL ammo (blue) and I only buy string like once a year or even less than that, it last me that long. So therefore I do not use that much string. I maybe have used 50 strings over almost 2 years of yoyoing.

So my question is… How much string do you have right now in your possession? How long does each string last you? and how often do you buy string?

This is all out of curiosity. Just want to see how each person differs :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Around 70, plus all the ones I have on my throws. So probably close to 100, maybe more. But if you count all the USED string I’ve got lying around, probably 200+.

  2. Depends. Lower-end 100-pack string (i.e. Kitty String 1.5) lasts from a day to three days. Higher-end 10-pack string (i.e. Tyoe X) lasts from several days to a week.

  3. I’d say every few months.

Right now I’d say I have about 75~ kitty string and around 15 toxic strings.

If I’m using the kitty string and have a long yoyo session, I can go through up to 3 strings. I love the feel of a fresh ding and they’re cheap in bulk. I’ll throw a toxic string on a throw I don’t use often and I pretty much never change it.

Depending on my workload from grad school and work, I’ll buy more string every 6ish months give or take.

20+ YYE Red
20 YYE Yellow
8 Kitty Assorted
10 Kitty Yellow
10 Kitty Purple
9 Kitty White
8 Kitty Orange
9 Kitty Light Blue
8 Kitty Green
8 Kitty Gold
8 Kitty Black/White
9 Kitty Red
10 Fat Kitty Green
Toxic Sample Pack (6 Strings)
10 YoYo G-String Solo
8 YYSL Type X YYE Color
9 YYSL Ammo Lemon Lime
9 YYSL Ammo Roasted Peppers
9 YYSL Venom Butane Flame
9 Toxic Dragon Strings
9 Toxic String Sonic Yellow

That doesn’t count any of the strings that are actually on my throws. I go through string very slowly on my high end throws. On my everyday throws: a Rally, a Yeti, and a Protostar … If I’m using YYE string it lasts me 2 to 3 days. If I’m using Kitty it lasts me 3 to 4 days. The high end string lasts me easily two weeks.

I only throw for short periods of time throughout the day. Whenever I can fit it in.

I buy string pretty much every time I order something from YYE. I like string that matches and I really enjoy trying out different brands and types. It’s amazing how string changes the play of a yoyo.

200+ blueprint strings, I get them dirt cheap :P. plus all of the different strings I make.

85 yellow kitty string
50 ish prism kitty string
3 first batch twisted stringz type B
10 toxic yellow jackets
10 MM dragons
6 yellow ammo

I tend to just stick with the yellow normal kitty string

Usually go through 1 every 3-4 days

I have about 70 fat kitty an that should last me until mid January. I go through 1 fat kitty in about 1.5-2 hours.

I get bulk kitty normal, but I have way too much string if I counted it all. I usually get them on trades, so I rarely but string. I will list below if anybody is curious.

100 kitty
Tube of ammo
30ish from yoyo spirit
50 from Ernie
100 normal YYE
Some toxic
Some random string I just got from Alex lee I believe. I don’t remember…

Welllll over a thousand. xD

Like 90 neon pack of kitty
Like 30 yye poly
9 blueprints
1 toxic regular
1 gray matter
2 fat chicks
2 magic threads
1 or 2 3lanMus3
About 70 softer crocostrings
About 15 whippy crocostrings
About 15 nylon super soft crocostrings
About 5 rayon crocostrings
About 25 or so test crocostrings from before i made some recipes

I have:
maybe 50 normal kitty
100 pack werrd blueprints
10 YYSL venom
10 YYSL ammo
9 YYSL type X

I am completely in love with YYSL! I have only put one type x on my supernova and I still haven’t, or want to change it. I bought the string on black friday so i’d say 18 days ago and I yoyo everyday, probably an hour each day at least. That stuff is crazy good and feels nearly as good as it did when I first put the string on. Kitty I would have to change every 2 days but this stuff is great.

  1. ~40 fat yellow kitty

  2. Every 2-3 days

  3. Every ~6 months

For fresh string I have probably 100+ Chaos 422 and some 622, less than 100 YYN highlights, less than 100 white cotton, 10 CLYW glow, 10 slim white Kitty, 10 normal black Kitty, 10 Dragons, 5ish white YYSL Venom and a few assorted strings. I wanted the 2 types of Kitty and the glow just to try (so far I’m very unlikely to buy again), YYSL is my go to string and I don’t really see that changing. At this point I’m moderately confident that I prefer Venom to Type X. I had a ton of extra random strings (stuff people have sent me in deals, my own old GString and other stuff), every time I sold/traded a yoyo I tried including 2-3 fresh random strings until I got rid of all of it.

I use the Chaos 422 in my small bearing throws, I use the Venom in all my new/favorite throws that will get the most play. Once a YYSL is worn enough that I decide it’s time to change I’ll either throw it away or frequently put it on a yoyo I don’t throw much that has a highlight. If I don’t have any used but not too used YYSL then I put highlights on the yoyos I don’t throw much if I happen to pick one up and decide it’s time for a new string.

Using YYSL I’m not sure I’ve ever used more than 2 strings in a week but I also tend to throw at least a couple different yoyos. I’m not much of a string changer, I generally play them until I feel like the tension changes too quickly and they’re fuzzy enough that it seems like they snag on the response unexpectedly. For highlights it’s not unusual for me to go on a kick where I throw a yoyo for an hour and replace the string. They’re cheap, they work great but they get fuzzy and gross fast.

100+ type-10 cotton
300+ type-9 cotton
120+ mixed poly(mostly Kitty)

That should be enough cotton for 3-4 months and enough poly for a year or more.

I don’t count, I don’t care.

I have more than enough, so I’m not running out of anything anytime soon.

got about 400 kitty, 300 poly 6, 300 slick 6

awww man, i only got like 6 toxic. Excited to try some new string after these toxic go.

Not sure how much I have. I usually only buy string once a year. It’s normally around June when I buy. And it’s usually just a 100 pack of yoyo expert poly.

Dang man give me some :stuck_out_tongue: lol.

Man you must go through string like speedy gonzales haha

You must have the rainbow of strings :smiley:

100 pack of Kitty String will last me three to for months.

Currently I have 5 strings left. :frowning: