I need your guys opinion

I search kitty string and it has good reviews. The question is. Should I spend $20 dollars on a long lasting yoyo string that will last me - well a long time? I don’t want to get a 10 pk because then after I run out I have to get more. So I just want a 100 pk and I don’t care if I have extra, I can keep it or give it away. Should I buy the 100 pk? Is it worth it?
Comment if u have something.

Yes, you should.

I suggest Kitty String Fat in Neon Yellow. You will not regret it.

Unless you’re planning on quitting sometime soon, buy the 100 pack.

I prefer the YYSL Ammo Yellow. Feels great, keeps string tension and is great for slack tricks. A lot of people use it like Ann Connolly.

Yoyo string is kinda like toilet paper. Eventually you are going to use it.

I buy Kitty string 100 packs; 4 packs at a time. I use regular, slim, fat and 1.5; depending on the yoyo set up.

My primary string is the Kitty 1.5

…If you change strings often(like I do); 100 strings isn’t really that many. I prefer strings with a little ‘life’ to them. So as soon as a string feels kinda dead; I change it out. I don’t care if it looks brand new. That dead thunk feeling is especially noticeable in looping yoyos. When the yoyo hits the end of the string with a flat feel; it is done for me. I prefer Kitty fat or regular for looping. And Slim or 1.5 for 1A and 5A.

Some people keep using the same string until you can almost see through it! Or you can’t really tell what color it was. Or it gets so slimy or slippery; they change it out even if they don’t want to.

Pretty much All yoyos actually feel ‘more alive’ with a new string. As the string is used; the performance decreases slowly. With experience; you will be able to recognize when the yoyo starts acting sluggish or feeling klunky. < Then you change the string.

I do not hesitate to buy a 10 pack; if I really just want to try out a new string.

But if it something I already know that I really like; 100 packs are automatic.

…Also; there are a few strings I buy in 10’s just because they are excellent for certain yoyos. One is YYSL Venom. The other is the YoYoExpert Core string.

I should note that presently it is very difficult to buy a Bad string. Most Makers have to make pretty decent string just to stay competitive.

But strings ‘do’ have various performance strongpoints. You may have a certain style that just comes out better when you use a certain string.

Finding the right string for you is kinda like trying on shoes until you feel like the shoe is part of your foot.
If you have an idea of what may work for you; then a 100 pack is the most economical way to go.

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What kind of kitty string is best for the shutter? Fat, 1.5 etc. Something like that?

It’s all preference. Just try fat or 1.5 and call it good :wink:

K thanks

100 strings should last about three months if you practice every day with only one yoyo at a time. Two handed divisions like 3a will be shorter, 2a will be way shorter.
For me personally, a string lasts for about 2-4 hours of playtime depending on a lot of things (1a), and 1 hour for 2a, for each hands.

3 months?! You must get rid of strings fast or yoyo a heck of a lot more than me…

I don’t like the idea of thinking of yoyoing as practicing. I’m here to have fun and enjoy my time. I don’t “practice,” then again, I’m not a good yoyoer after 4-5 years.

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Actually no, I don’t yoyo everyday, more like two or three sessions per-week, that means 3-6 strings depending if I do 1a or 2a. 100 strings for three months is the case if someone yoyo everyday with my wear rate, which I do when preparing a high level contest or when in the mood.
The way I see it, in many parts of Asia it seems like yoyoing is seen to be more on the competitive side than the rest of the world. Personally I find practicing fun, since there is a sense of achievement when you finally can do this hard trick easily or just invented a new trick, which then is used in comps and see if it makes good points. If not, try making a better one.
Though I have many friends who yoyo strictly for recreational purposes. I think it would be interesting to do a survey.

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