The definitive "Should I replace my string?" flow chart(s)

In spite of the videos and posts on the subject, people frequently post asking “When should I replace my string?”

The problem with this question is that it varies for different skill levels.
Therefore, I have created these visual aids to help people know when to replace their yoyo string.
Hopefully, they will be edifying, and help people get the answers they need.
I have broken them down into the categories of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Edit The pics where broken, but now I have them fixed.




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My Flowchart:

Do you wanna change it?:

  1. Yes–> change it.
  2. No–> dont

such a common question when to change the string, when it really doesnt matter at all :smiley:

I don’t know, I notice a difference when I change strings.
Better binds, easier whips and slacks.

Images do not work for me

Maybe I did it wrong…
Can anyone else see them?

I dont see the pics as well.

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Sorry about that, google sites was being wonky.
Fixed it now though. I think.

Fixed again. Third time’s the charm.

Wow…I sure am glad you got the pics fixed…I don’t know how any of us could continue throwing without this wealth of knowledge you’ve shed upon us. ::slight_smile:

It took a lot of research let me tell you. :slight_smile:

Made me laugh. ;D

This takes my perception on string replacement to a whole new level.

Advanced oughta be (for polyester strings):

Does the string feel like it needs to be replaced?
No: You don’t need to replace it.
Yes: You don’t need to replace it.

Those charts are about as useful as writing a 136 page book on the, ‘Most effective methods of twisting a stem off an Apple’.

Nothing like turning, ‘Peeling a banana’ into a Science project.

…When to change a string is as simple as watching spit hit the ground. <function/result.

Amazing to me how much some people are willing to spend on yoyos or ‘a’ Yoyo and yet seem to get financial cramps when it comes to Yoyo string.

String is not expensive. Yes I know some of the designer strings cost 7 to 10 bucks for maybe 10 strings.
But even if that is what you use it is still cheap.

If a string cost a dollar and you used it for 3 days; it only cost you 33 cents a day. <cheap…

A guys says, ‘I have to make this string last all month’. And every day he drinks Monster drinks and eats candy bars, lol.

Guys buy: iPods and iPhones and skateboards and backpacks and expensive tennis shoes and Beats headsets and Red Bull and Xbox and Playstation games and you name it…

But when it comes to string? I haven’t changed my string in 4 months. I wash my string and use it again. I spend hours making my own string so I don’t have to buy it. <you bought the supplies and you spent the time to make it<<<<You bought it Clown, hahaha.

When to change strings? Simple. As soon as the string starts looking funny; change it. As soon as the string starts playing funny; change it. As soon as the string has absolutely ‘no bounce’ left(dead strings play funny); change it. If you mainly throw just 1 Yoyo it is obviously much easier to know how much time you have on a string. If you have several hours use on a string; change it. If you have an aggressive response or a rough surface on the halves around the response that wears the string at the loop; change it…Before it breaks.

I really like the, ‘I run a lighter up and down the string to burn the fuzz off the string and make it new again’ hahaha that is a Winner there.

What is more expensive than Yoyo string? Time is. And all the time you guys spend trying to ‘not change strings’ costs you time. You are paying for your cheapness with moments of your life.

I buy Kitty strings. Usually 400 at a time. Chump change when you realize how little each string costs.

If you have a main carry/use Yoyo and you change out the string every single day; you are not changing it too often.

If I am rotating 4 or 5 yoyos, I only keep a string on the one I am throwing. If I decide to switch to another Yoyo, I simply change the string over to the next Yoyo I play. That way you can keep track of exactly how much use you are putting on a string. And as soon as it starts playing ‘funny’ you change it.

Throwing a Yoyo with old string is like playing frisbee with a dead puppy.

Use a Fresh string every day.

It’s absolutely the least expensive ‘Mod’ anyone can do to their Yoyo.

Trust me. I know a few things about Modding yoyos.


That’s why I started changing my string more often, and now I only play Frisbee with live puppies.

I love this. I go through the process on these flowcharts soo much

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You switch string from one yoyo to another? geez xD i just have string on all my yoyos i play and change it when it feels bad :smiley: you put way too much thought into that xD

So folks…just remember…everytime you wan’t to play with your frisbee, throw your puppy out and get a new one.

That’s why I just go ahead and get 100 packs of puppies. :smiley:

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Oh lord…now somebody is bound to make some new slick type 6 poly puppies ;D

Yorkies work well, but you only get certain colors.