Few problems regarding string changing.

So,recently I’ve gotten into Hardcore playing.I throw almost 7 hours a day,and have the need to change a new string oftenly .My problem:My father doesn’t like me to change strings often,so he controls the number of strings that I use.That is,when the string have REALLY worn out to be not capable of doing a bind,or when the string breaks,then i can only trade-in an old string for a new one.The string I’ve been using is already 2 weeks old,and Is getting stiff and dirty.Is thre any way I can persuade him to let me change string more often?

What can’t you do on the 2-week old string that you can do on a new string?

You may want to see if he will buy you some strings with a longer life. Chaos 422’s come to mind. G-String has some good types as well, but much more pricey.
Other than that, no, I don’t know how to help you coerce your dad. Though the situation might change once a string snaps and the yoyo goes careening through the house. It’s been my experience though that, that change is, “Do that outside!”.

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Its really stiff and sticky right now,and lost its bounce.

Thanks.I will try that

  1. I don’t like bounce.
  2. Buy it yourself. The n if you change strings often it’ll be your money.
  3. It doesn’t matter ow old it is as long as it’s still working.

1)I like bounce
2)Nowhere sells string in my country
3)Its sticky and doesn’t feel good

Soooo… If noone sells string, how are you getting it now?

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My father buys yoyos online and gets strings there but only when buying a new yoyo

Start twisten your own…

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Noone that I know wells string either. You basically have to buy almost all yoyo stuff online. Just tell your dad you want to buy some string next time he ordering stuff, and give him some money to buy them. Then they can be yours.

Buy some 3000yd cones of polyester (and/or cotton, nylon) overlock/serger sewing thread and twist your own. Experiment until you make something you like.
It will be much cheaper. If you don’t have a drill, you can twist it between your fingers, takes me 5 mins twisting just using my fingers (…the real handmade, pfffttt drills).

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I will try if my dad allows it…

How does a string get stiff and sticky? If you don’t like it and your dad won’t give you a new one, try washing it. (and maybe washing your hands before you throw)

You still didn’t really answer my question above. What can’t you do with a 2-week old string that would be remedied by using a new string? I think you’re missing your father’s lesson here. You WANT to change strings more frequently but you don’t NEED to change strings so frequently. I’ve played strings that lasted a couple of months and they still worked fine.

His strings obviously arent as long lasting as yours. He probably is just useing really short-life strings.

I’m using 100% Polyester,and Stiff and sticky means the tension is terrible,has no “Bounce” on it,And I wash my hands before playing everyday.I think washing the string might make it worse.

And what I can’t do on a stiff and sticky 2-week old string:

  • tension get worse,which actually shortens sleepers
  • Tricks get a little harder to do

100% poly will last that long. And you can fix your tention. But um… Why is it sticky?

Sweat and dirt can make string dis-colored, stiff, and somtimes sticky and moist

I use YYExpert Poly Orange. Use mine for 5 days to 1 1/2 weeks for one string.

I wear them out.

But, if you keep getting dirt on your string, play inside.

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I do play inside.

you can buy packs of 100 strings for 10 bucks here on yoyoexpert. if you play hours everyday, then your gonna need to change your string every 4-5 days. if you dont change the string, the yoyo can fly off the string/snap the string and break something in the house. lightweight plastics do the same thing, and they can break stuff too. old yoyo string can make blisters, and if the yoyo string is dirty, it can sometimes even lead to infections. your health depends on changing your yoyo string often. also, if you have the packaging of a yoyo, you can show your dad where it says “play like a pro, change string often”. and you can even take it to the next level. pay for your own string, and if he tries to manage it, say that its yours and he cant manage it because YOU payed for it.

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