how do you make good strings


how do you make good strings and ware do you get the stuff to make strings


You buy a ten pack of Yoyo String Lab Type X.


i do not want to buy strings a lot of them just fall apart :stuck_out_tongue:


Where are you buying them, walmart???

Quality strings sold here don’t “fall apart”.


i whent and got one 10 pack of yoyoexpert string and two 10 packs of kitty sting one you yoyoexpert string lasted me a week and it broke and the same with all the others . so then i opened the kitty string and those two packs only lasted like a month and i do not want to spend that much money on expensive string


Maybe it’s not the string, maybe it’s the yoyo or your throw.


First of all, when you find a string you like, buy it in bulk (50-100 bundle). It’s much cheaper. I don’t understand how you break them that often.


I’m inclined to agree with jhb8426 and yoyoavenger here and suggest you consider the string is not your primary problem. The string you have purchased from YYE is fine quality string that should be lasting you much longer than it is.

What yoyo are you using? It is no secret some throws, even some fairly expensive ones, can chew through string in short order. I know I still keep a close eye on my Anti-Yo Bapezilla2 because of her continued ravenous appetite for string. The ano on some throws can be rough on string and perhaps yours needs some buffing to keep it in check.

If you are blasting through the very end of the string each time yoyoavenger’s suggestion of examining your throw might be a reasonable consideration. If your throw has you slamming hard against the end of the string each throw you may be just busting through the end from repeated hammering away at it.

The string you have purchased should certainly be lasting a much longer time for you. I have a strong suspicion your problem lies somewhere else besides the string.


Your Bapezilla sounds like my Exit 8. It tore through the string and the Exit 8 went rolling on the floor. Yikes! mgiroux77 schooled me on the buffing, which did the trick. I love the feel of rough ano’ though.


Yeah, I do too. A vigorous buffing with the rough backside of a quality leather belt will usually do the trick. (“vigorous” being the key word.) :wink:

I don’t know if this is cowsarecool64’s problem or not, but it’s a good place to start looking for a culprit.


General string longevity tips -

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before playing. You’d be surprised just how gunky strings get after a while, and just how much longer they last when they stay clean.

  2. Wash your string after five or so hours of play, depending n the string. Just use a rag, some soap, and some water. Wait for it to dry. It brings back some of the color and makes the string feel less old.

  3. Check to see if you’re using a blasted yoyo. Blasted yoyos are a little bit rougher, to improve grinds, but they can also eat away at strings. Rub down the inner area of the yoyo with the rough side of a genuine leather belt or a tough pair of denim jeans for a good 20 minutes on each half.

  4. Get into the habit of regularly checking the string near the response/bearing area. Check for excessive frayiness (There should be more frayiness around response area - this is normal.) You’re looking for thinner, very frayed areas of the string. If you see an area like this, change your strings. The string you’re using is about to snap.


G strings, toxic, Kitty, or any other strings only last me a few good hours or so now lol.


I don’t mean this in an offensive way, but I get a giggle out of human nature. Strings are consumable, and it’s the strings we can visibly detect as changing over time. So the first assumption is, “these strings wear out so fast.”

I might be the same if it were me! Luckily none of my throws chews string. I change strings “just 'cause” from time to time. Except when using cotten and fixed-axle, I haven’t broken a string.


i am useing a clyw campfire


You can afford a CLYW Campfire but not strings? O_O


Guys this topic has gone of course so i will get it back.

You need to get good quality thread to make good strings.


i got the campfire for 30$ in a bst and i am only 15 i do not get yoyo money that often


You happen to have a CLYW Campfire that eats strings. Not completely ruling out some weird burr on the bearing nor some anomaly in the response, but that would be a long shot.

Not sure what else to say. No way either Kitty or YYE Poly strings should get used up that quickly otherwise. Occam’s Razor is telling us it’s the yoyo or your throw, not the strings.


ok i will try to change some things i did change the response with some silicone i got at the hardware store maybe it is that but everything feels good so i will try to change the response with something else and i will get another pack of kitty strings to should i get nylon or polyester for string tricks


Since money is an important consideration, if you have to pick just one, I would go poly. But if you can at all afford both, get both. You’ll know which one you prefer! Poly is by far the most popular string trick type, but nylon is ONLY for string tricks; can’t use it for 2A for risk of melting, apparently. :wink: