Info about string?

I’m not far from a beginner, and have been using an Exia with Cage Free string. I find that the string doesn’t have much too it and wears out quickly. I have a GTR on order (and, unexpectedly, a Dressel Designs Monarch), and I will be trying out Nytro string.

But does string make much difference? Should I just use cheap stuff, or does more costly string make play better and last longer?


Yes, the string you use makes a difference. A very big difference. There are different materials, thicknesses, lengths and colors. All of these effect the play. Yes, even the color because of you can’t see the string, you won’t land the tricks as consistently.

I use mostly Bad Wolfe Co strings ( but they’re “boutique” strings that are more expensive than your average twine. But i love the way they play and they last.

You won’t go wrong with companies like Kitty or Sochi or several others. Your best bet is to buy a couple of different types and see what you like. Nylon/Poly blends offer good performance and are pretty durable. The straight nylon Sliccs that i like can slip on your finger and cause issues… like the throw going across the room. Lol.

Thicker strings can be snaggy in a throw with a narrow gap. Likewise, a thinner string will be difficult to bind in a throw with a wide gap.

The length of the string is a factor. Shorter strings generally give you more control but can make more advanced, multi layer string tricks…tricky. longer strings have their own challenges but the length becomes more important when trying those tricks.

It’s all about preference. You’ll find out what you like as you try different types/Brands. Many people swear by the bulk strings sold here on YYE. I used them for a long time, nothing wrong with them. I recommend a bright color, like yellow, for better visibility while learning.

Add the string wears in, it’s play can change. I’ve also had strings break. Avoid this by keeping an eye on the area around the bearing and change the string often. Again, the feel for this comes with experience.

Good luck.

Enjoy the throw.


Bulk string is good, you just might find it loses tension or wears out faster and swap it out.
I prefer bulk, doesn’t hold me back in any way.


String is extremely important, but some yo-yos react better to certain strings; you may need to experiment. My personal favorite strings are Kitty first class normal, monkey finger vines fat, and Alphaline.


I’m using a length of just a bit above my bellybutton (once it is on my hand, not cut to that length). I read that Nytro is a little thicker, and the GTR has a wider gap.

The Exia is my only yoyo, and I honestly don’t love how it feels, I just can’t feel how it moves. It could be just because of the lack of weightiness and mass.

There are a lot of options in this hobby…

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How long does a string usually last you?

Legitstrings from etsy. I still use string from a year ago and whips and slacks like $$


How long do those strings last? I find that “boutique” strings are better if they last 10× as long, as they aren’t 10x the price. I read up on the first class, and was curious if the softer string around the bearing helps at all.

A year of use on one string??

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Yea, so what i do, is use multiple strings. Then once it gets dirty i switch to a new string and once i use up the batch of string, i take them and wash them all together. Then repeat the rotation.


This has been my experience as well. I prefer bulk cotton/poly blends - slick6 and slick 8.

Other than on fixed axle yoyos I’ve rarely had a string break at the yoyo end. I’ve found that mine tend to wear and break at the slip knot where the loop contacts standing section of the string.

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How long do you figure one string lasts though? How big is your batch of strings? Do you use only that brand? They certainly aren’t cheap strings, about 3x the price of kitty string.

My boutique strings last longer than basic string for sure, but performance is the main reason for the different designs. I kind of feel like if you are searching out a great yoyo feel or experience, then don’t forget that string performance is another component in the equation. However, basic or bulk string isn’t bad. It works just fine for lots of people.
Nytro was designed to add a little speed with control for whips and slacks, but a side benefit is that it lasts several times longer than our poly strings because it has nylon in the mix. I hope you really have fun with it.


I’m thinking about feel as well. My current string just feels like there is nothing there. I suppose I’m getting a feel for what I prefer, now that I’m getting better at flowing with how the yoyo hits the string, and moving the string around. I suppose the Exia doesn’t help being floaty, there just isn’t momentum.

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I use that 95% of the time. Its so good and the more i use it and wash it, the more soft it gets. And since i cycle about the same 10 strings over and over, seriously have the same string from over a year ago some almost 2 years. Whips and slacks so good even after all this time. They arent new but feel anywhere from 75%-95% depending how long ive used that one particular string for.

Markmont also makes some good poly string


I’m finding that the Markmont Draken and Dragon formulas show no wear in the same timeframe where I am retiring multiple Zipline Slushies, Smoothies and Business Class strings and DocPop Pop strings. I still haven’t had them for the 1 year+ lifetime, but they are certainly durable.

However, they feel very different to me than all of the above (and every other poly string that I have tried). Most of all, they are much more smooth and don’t seem to get fuzzy and fray the way most other poly strings do. There are times when I want one of the other strings for the extra grip.


Markmont Cumulus Foam (or the thinner Cirrus Foam) are both excellent, I’ve been using the same strings for about 6 weeks now and they still play great. I have heard very good things about Original Throw bulk string, especially since it costs half of the premium bulk strings (Kitty First Class, Alphaline).

It’s worth noting that many, if not most pro players play with bulk strings. I would guess this is partly to do with sponsorships. As far as I am aware there aren’t many using string that is $1-$1.50 per string.

Vines last for a pretty average amount of time, first class lasts for a while, especially considering it’s a bulk string. Alphaline lasts for a really long time, however it does get “fuzzy” over time, if that makes any sense. Personally, I think these strings are all worth the investment.

If you want to go on inexpensive bulk strings I suggest you AceYo strings or MonkeyFinger Vines. Those are what I use.
If you want to go on more boutique quality strings the following are my preferred ones, in order of preference:
Zipline Strings

If you have some money to spend on strings you could buy a sample pack of any of those and choose your favorite


If you’re not doing horizontal, tons of rejections, or using a yoyo with a poorly designed response bump- your string is going to last. If you’re only playing your string until it starts to look fuzzy, or when it loses the “bouncy” feeling, you’re swapping your strings early. That’s not a string at the end of its life, that’s just a string breaking in.

I mostly just swap strings when they start to look dirty from hand oils/sweat. Usually like 1-2 weeks is my average life of a string. Brand doesn’t really matter, thickness does and depends on your yoyo.