how often do you chang your string?

well I think i change my string very often (once per week) so I wanna know how often you change your string? :slight_smile:

I usually change mine every other day. I just hate the feeling of a worn string and I’m yoyoing whenever I have the time (almost 2-3 hours a day) so I probably wear them down pretty quickly. Another thing I’ve noticed is that when a string gets old it doesn’t hold string tension very well so it gets harder to do slack and whipping tricks cause the slack wants to get spun up.

It all depends. On a good day, I can burn though about 7-10 in 2hrs, while others 1 will last a day or 2. It also depends on the type of string. Chaos will be switched about once a week if not more as they don’t wear out as much. Now, I have a Toxic string as well. Awesome string really. I’ve been working on that for almost 2 months now, and it’s still like new.

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My question would be, how do you determine when your string needs to be changed? Ive been throwing for about a month now and i still have most of the 25 pack i bought with my first yoyo.


Whenever it feels gooky. or if you feel you need too.

Every other day.
But here is a funny story,

When I went to worlds this year I trade for this guys NVx and it had a very old worn green string on it. Well I don’t know why but I still use that string every day and it has’nt snapped.

I change it when it gets all dirty and brown. Or when it breaks.

For regular poly I change my string every coulple of hours. I’ll usually change my string once it stops holding tension as well as a new one would.

Once per day

As needed. I’m finding I’m changing more as I’m playing more.

I find 1 string per yoyo per 1-2 hours of play time. But, sometimes they last longer or sometimes I just don’t change them as frequently. A string CAN last me up to a week. I also find when they won’t hold close to the bearing any longer, that’s an indicator that the string needs to be replaced.

Strings that look dirty and feel grimy needs to be replaced.

The best way to learn:
Find out through experience. If the string breaks, well, you known it’s time.

i feel like im at the good end… i like the feel of when the string kinda packs in and gets nice and whippy… i get about a month out of each string for my main throws… also saves $

im ready to change my string when the texture really starts to feel like sand paper

Every 3-4 weeks. Nylon string is so nice.

I use to change my string every month(I know it is pretty crazy). Then when my friend told me that if you don’t change your string, the string will snap, so I shortened it for a week. ( I guess that’s how Paul Han snapped his string at worlds).

It depends on the string first off i use twisted stringz and the type A lasts my about 3 weeks it doesn’t break but i just feel like i should change it. The type B lasts me a week or so after that i just feel like I should change it. and I haven’t really played wit the other types since they were devoloped and i was still kinda noob-ish so idk.

Nylon string is indeed nice, and last soo much longer than it should be.

I have some, but don’t really use them. They feel… Sharp.

I never had a standard about how long I should change my string. When I feel I need to change it, I change it, no matter how old it is.

I can throw just standard like not really trying anything new and a string lasts about 3 days.
But when practicing a freestyle, I change every 10 to 20 mins.
When I was getting ready for Nationals i went through a bundle in like a week.

Toxic strings do lasts… and i have had mine for almost a month now and still feels brand new

I almost NEVER change my string, I just seem to never get to the point where it is about to break, IDK why though, my friend says because I don’t throw hard enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally never change strings…ever. I’ve been using the same piece of G-string for about 3-4 months, I just learn to deal with string tension problems because I find the new string feel does not last long enough for me to change strings every time it loses it.

Just when it feels gunky…like it dosen’t want to slide across my fingers any more, also when it starts to bunch up while I am playing, that is a big sign.