How often do YOU change your strings?

I have been using neon colored polyester strings for awhile now but I don’t really know when the best time to change a string is. I usually find myself changing it every other week or so unless I really work my yoyo then ill change it after a few days. I really love the brightness and springy feeling of the first day of playing a new string. Mmmm…tastey.

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I believe the general concepts apply. Adjust accordingly.

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I change my string when it get to knotted to be useful. And when it starts to make a snapping noise when I throw it. I should change it more often, but don’t have the strings.

As soon as it stops holding tension as good as a new string would… It takes about 10 hours of play for me to start noticing the tension changing too much

Until it breaks off the yo-yo or every three months, whatever comes first. Yep,the string I use lasts that long.

Probably once every two days.

At least once a day, or about 4 hours of solid play. The strings that I make can go much, much longer, but I really like that new string feel.

1 a week some times sooner I don’t throw one all day ;).

Until the string snaps or gets to be so tightly wound and filthy I can’t bear to touch it or look at it.

It took me a while to find the reply button. LOL

Anyways, I usually replace it when it starts fraying a lot near the knot or near the bearing/ yoyo. When its fraying in the middle I usually ignore it. I also wash my strings to keep them going, don’t have enough string to change it often.

Pretty much this… I either change them every 1-3 days, or if I’m just playing quite a bit, I’ll have to change it just after a few hours.

String is far cheaper than new yoyos. Change them often. Find one you like and buy in bulk, it saves in the long run. If I throw consistently I go through one a day (100% poly).

If Nylon, I change it every day, if poly 1-3 days. I throw from 4-7 hours a day

I use regular kitty string and buy 100 piece bulk bags. I replace my string daily, sometimes twice a day depending. I just prefer new string feel once they lose bounce and go flat i usually switch.

I go through a cotton string or two every day. Poly strings last a week or so.

1 a day or about an hour worth of straight play with my snakes.

Highlights used to last 15 min of straight play

I usually go about 2 weeks using my Big Yoyo String. But sometimes when I just want that new string feel I will change it weekly.

One time I used a Slix (my signature string) for a month on my daily player. It started out yellow, by the end on the month it was a dark dark yellow and was so incredibly soft. Haha

I like the article, because it explains the cause of the wear on the string, the common areas of wear on the string that lead to breakage, and ways to avoid unnecessary wear for those who cannot afford a lot of string (ways to make it last longer). I usually change as needed, by gauging the look and feel of the string. But, I keep enough string on hand to change frequently, so when in doubt, I do not delay. I only use black string so I have to inspect more thoroughly.