String change frequency

How often do you guys change them? I did read the sticky here about string changes but was wondering about how much life you guys get out of a string? I’m using neon green/yellow 100% poly strings bought from yoyoexpert. I play mine about an hour or so per day. I find that after a few days maybe 1.5-2 days I’m feeling like a new string because they start feeling too rigid and tight. It seems a little wasteful so am I missing something?? Fresh strings just feel so much better.

I change my strings every other week. Using Blueprint strings, they are fully polyester and I find they hold up pretty well.

Thanks for the quick reply. Maybe I’m doing something that gets them too tight quickly. Or I’m just too picky and like that fresh string feel too much.

Do you know how to adjust the string tension?
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Anywhere from a day too a week, depending on how often I remember to change it. I use kitty string, normally fat or XL.

A string lasts me 3hrs of intense play. I can usually fit 3hrs of intense play into a 48 hr period. So 2 days I guess…

typically 2 days
sometimes if i have been mainly playing without gloves the string may appear only dirty but not significantly worn, so i just wash it and use it for another day or two

There are a lot of factors involved… how hot is it, how humid is it, how dirty are your hands, how picky you are.

I typically change strings every few weeks, but it’s because I have a -ton- of yoyos to play with and I don’t throw them very often. If I’m at a contest and throwing constantly, they might only last a few hours… if it’s outside, could be as little as an hour or sometimes less.

Honestly it’s up to you… whenever the string starts to feel ‘icky’ or uncomfortable to you, change it… they aren’t that expensive.