Change String

Ok will I know this isnt good but how often doyou need to change your string? Becuase I only have 1 string untill wednesday or thurdsday :’(…I use 100%poly and im on intermidiete section I yoyo about 1-2 hours a day and on weekends up to 3.5-4 hours???
Sorry if theres already a topic on this… :-X

It depends on you. We really cant give you an allotted time. Change it when it is dirty, frayed, or not playable. Just change it when you feel you need to :slight_smile:

it stinks ive been using the same string since wednesday and i wont have more till this wednesday/thursday :’( :’(

When ever looks dirty, burnt, like that stuff. When it get’s warn down i look for dirty, and the diffrence in the size from fresh string. I would say swich every day, but if you have 1 string left use that till more come. :wink:


For Polys, they usually last 2-3 days with 6-8 hours of play. It really depends on how you play though.

Just use your string until you get a new one. But after that remember to always change it one you have a knot. I use YYN Highlights and change them about once every one or two days.

I just make my own, never saw store string except for the ones that come with yoyos. If you want to make it, look here (I’m linking a lot today)

Usually you should replace your string for the reasons these guys said. Also change it when the yo-yo is super unresponsive and won’t come up even after a bunch of times. Also when you feel the string is tearing at your skin.

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You can change your string after it broke,and you can also
change your the string is too thin.

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Or when you can see tears, or when your yoyo flew away!!!

ya when i started playin. i was doin and around the world and the string broke, so my fast was rifling about 30 feet in the air. :wink:
so change your string when you think it is almost finished, also i can brake my string in a day or 3. it depends on how thick it is.