string question

How often do you need to change strings? I play about 1 or two hours a day thanks for any response :slight_smile:

i guess just whenever it breaks or looks like its about to that happened to me on my yomega clutch and i got so angry

I’m picky with my string. If it gets too dirty, starts to fray too much for my liking, or if it’s seen more than 6-8 hours of play time, I tend to change them. I’ve not had any strings break on me, but strings are cheap, broken windows/TVs/yoyos and things aren’t so cheap. Plus, I love the way a fresh string plays.

I’d rather not wait till it breaks because while I change it every week, it broke after only a couple of days of play and my dm flew out the door so I was wondering if there was a set of hours people change it out, 6-8 hours sounds good thanks wylmryk!!!

I change my string every 2-5 days. It has never broken on me.

On my Jamboo i’ve broken the string like 5 times and once almost got a dent in the wall. :’(

well really it depends on what type of string you have how much you play with it and what tricks you are doing. first off if you are use a 100% cotton string than i would change it maybe once a day. if it 5050 string it will probably last longer than cotton so maybe 2 or so days. 100% Polly will last the longest in my opinion. polyester is much string than those to strings and tins to resist where and tare. but do use it on a wooden axle yo yo because it could melt the poly string. i good way that help me out when i first started was to get white strings. you can use the color as a gauge fro the strings usefulness. if its white to off white its fine. if its yellow to tan its getting older. if its dark tan to just plane out nasty change it. also another thing you can use to tell when to change your string is fraying. If you string is slightly frayed its fine but id it really starts getting woolly i advise to change it. also the size of the string is to take into consideration. if you have a higher type than 6 obviously its going to be stronger. well i hope that answered your question. later.

keep it spinning

Thanks Robert

To Robert’s post, I’d also say that the type of yoyo makes a difference, too. I’ve been playing with my Lyn Fury for a few weeks, 20-30 min per day and I only just changed the string. I have a OneDrop Project that I play around with (because I am not good enough for it…yet…) and that string broke only after a couple of hours. Luckily, I was over carpet. I threw a hard breakaway and the string broke at the bottom. The yoyo had such a hard backspin, it went about 3 feet then came back to me. I stopped it with my foot before it really took off. I was super lucky it didn’t hit anything but the carpet.

The Project has pads (forget what kind), the Lyn Fury has o-rings. Moral of the story is, when in doubt, change the string. I find that it wears at the contact with the response system, and also at my throw-finger, where the slip knot is. I’ve surprised myself with a broken string up there, too. So be sure to check the entire length of the string, not just the part at the bottom.

Yeah, i agree with the above. However, I use 50/50, because with my style of play, it lasts longer. White Polys last only about a day for me, so usually, I don’t use them.

What is the best type of yo-yo string? And what do you think about Angel string?

There isnt a best string, just like there isnt a best yoyo. I prefer 50/50 over everything, except G-String.

Also, Angel Hair is great for slack and whip tricks, but kinda useless for anything else.