What's the point of changing your string?

I see people say you should change your string after it loses its bounce, but that’s like 20 minutes. Every time I see this, I wonder whether the suggesting person actually yoyos, or at least if the suggester uses different string. With bulk strings at ~20c/string, that’s like 1c/minute; for 2h of yoyoing per day that’s 6 strings or $1.20, or $36/month. That’s not horrible, but it seems like a lot to spend on strings. I usually just change when I get a bad knot.

I’m using 100% poly type 6 string. I’ve played it for several hours, and it’s getting really frayed, I mean reeeally frayed. It’s about as furry as my dog. And I don’t notice any problems with it. I must be missing something.

Yeah its a sign of wearing the string down from playing
its best to change string every time yu see it starts to look like its getting fuzzy.
unless u wanta see yur yo fly like an eagle lol :slight_smile:
I change my string like every 15 mins no joke

Different people and different strings wear them down at different paces, however if it is getting fuzzy (especially really fuzzy) the string can and will break. This makes using really old strings a safety issue. If it looks/feels worn it probably is.
Different people also change their strings at different points, some as you said when it loses it’s bounce, or gets a knot, and others when it gets fuzzy.

When it gets fuzzy change it. :smiley:

Ok buy HOW fuzzy? All my strings are at least a little fuzzy and I’ve never had one break.

as in it doesn’t stay twisted any longer
and when it starts to get ripped around the bearing

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It takes like 20 minutes to lose the bounce, but 10 hours to get like that. Funny how some people go through string 30x faster than others. If I had a million bucks and a butler to setup strings on my yoyos, I’d be in that boat for sure, but now I think I have a better perspective on things. Thanks1

I always thought it was fuzzy when new. I guess i don’t know :-\

Every 15-20 minutes is excessive. I use slick6 and slick8 and maybe change after 10-12 hours. It’s more of an observation that the string looks like it needs changing than a strict time thing. Sure a fresh bouncy string feels good, but my main concern is string wear and breakage. I use some cotton mainly for looping w/fixed axle and that will maybe go 30 minutes before it starts to show signs of wear. Any synthetic string should last considerably longer.

Fuzzy string, yeah that’s more new looking in my estimation. A worn, ratty string looks tighter and smoother to me.

I wish I could change my string more often, or could at least bring myself to change it. I really have noticed a huge difference, especially in whippyness and tension, between the first hour or two of play and the rest of the strings life. I’ll eventually get into a better habit of changing once an hour or so.

See if this helps at all. I will get a pic of new vs worn string up sometime tonight.

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Yea same for me. I can just look at a string and know that it needs to be changed. Every 15- 20 mins is totaly ridiculouse.

And the way I spell ridiculouse is ridiculouse :smiley:

I feel like the people who say change strings every 20 mins are probably competition throwers who are looking for the best play a string can offer. Their actual lifetime before it starts to be dangerous is a lot longer

When the string starts to suck at holding tension, or my tricks start to look and feel like they aren’t the best, then I’ll change my string. It usually takes me like 3-4 days of 1-2 hour usage to reach that point.

I’ve always felt that string plays best AFTER the first 15 - 20min of play. This allows the bounce and tension across the length of string to balance out.

I usually play a string for at least 15 hours before changing. After 10 years, I think I’ve only actually broken 6-7 strings. I change when I start to worry about them snapping (very frayed), or when they feel sticky (ie. the string is dirty, sticks to fingers and makes managing tension more difficult).

The exception to this is when playing fixed axle… Then I’ll change about every hour or so.

I probably play mine for 6-8 hours before changing. I’m with frodoslair in that I find strings play best after they’ve had a short break in period of about 15 minutes.


Regarding breaking in a string, some people used to give the string a couple of good pulls to stretch it a bit after installing it.

I like the bounce, but I accept the play of a worn-in string as well. Even in the “extreme” case of $36 a month, though, you don’t need to be a millionaire with a butler to afford that (yes, I know you were joking… but just saying, that’s not a tonne of money for a hobby). :slight_smile:

I probably go 1-2 hours on a Kitty or generic poly… and considerably longer than that on MOST “boutique” strings (there are exceptions). I have a few string types that play similarly to Kitty-type poly but still last 6 hours in my personal optimal play parameters. Then there are strings that just never seem to die (like Toxic Dragon), but I’ve never had an affinity for those. I’d rather just play and wear out strings that I enjoy.

Apparently I’m weird when it comes to changing strings, but mine usually last at least a couple of weeks at 1+ hours per day.  I use Big YoYo String Type 1, and even when it loses the bounce I’ve never felt like it was fraying or going to break on any of my throws. (http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,42783.0.html) anyways, I guess the only reason I usually change my string is because it’ll start to either get sticky or just wear out to the point it doesn’t feel as good to use.

Big Yoyo Strings are one of the “boutique” companies that offer longer-lasting poly. I dont’ love the Type 1 as much as some other formats (in particular, the 3lan~Muse) but it’s definitely a more durable string while still being in familiar poly territory.