Convince me to buy fancy "boutique" string

I have virtually never bought strings from any small string maker, paid for high end strings, or really used anything but bulk-pack string all the way back to buying 100-string bundles of slick-6 from Dale Oliver 20+ years ago.

My strings these days are as follows:

  • bulk 100% poly from YYE or sometimes YYF
  • Kitty Fat (closest thing I get to a “fancy” string)
  • bulk YYE cotton

So…what am I missing? Convince me that I should be buying fancy expensive string or string from small-time boutique makers. Why do YOU buy those strings over just bulk pack generic stuff?


I think if you’re fine with the bulk you have, then no reason to justify the purchase. Honestly I love the boutique stuff I have for some of my throws, but I also find myself ‘not wanting to waste it’, so a certain amount always goes unused.

That being said, I do love the fancy stuff. Usually softer and longer lasting than bulk, so you get about as much playtime/$ as you would from bulk, with less changing of the string.


If you don’t have an issue with what you got, why try anything else? My only real argument is to try new things, because it’s fun to see what else is out there. The nice thing about the boutique stuff is you can get a small batch for a pretty small price. It’s easy to a variety of styles and colors to try and not invest in 50 or 100 strings you may not enjoy.

The reason I buy Zipline and YYSL is:

  1. My favorite bulk string doesn’t get made anymore, and I haven’t found a bulk that reminds me of Blueprints.
  2. String lab is the only maker that has readily available inverse string, and even though it’s a novelty it still plays well.
  3. Ziplines personality keeps me coming back. The strings are good, probably won’t blow you away, but they do the job. However, they do a great job of making you feel like they took the time out of the day to personally send you whatever you bought.

I still have Blueprints left so I use the fancy stuff to stop the hemorrhaging of my bulk stock.


To be clear, I think these are both fair and true statements. But I look at it like this…

  1. Sometimes you don’t know what you are missing until you learn.
  2. I’m curious to hear why other’s feel differently from me. Because obviously not everyone just goes the bulk-string route like I do. Both of your replies are a nice example of this. It’s neat to hear how other throwers look at stuff.

I use YYSL Type X. I like it, when i buy the 100pack, it lasts me a long time. It is soft on my hands, each string lasts a long time, and. It holds tension well. It plays well for me, does what I need it to do. I guess, in the end, I feel this small indulgence is worth it.
For bulk, I use mostly Anonymous string which is quite excellent for the price (actually, I bought a pack of Anonymous at about the time I bought my last pack of Type X, and played through the Anonymous before opening the Type X)

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Don’t. Unless someone is making something that replicates how standard poly feels for the first 20 minutes there’s nothing I will like more. I’m talking both play and feel against the skin.

Why does everyone want softer string? I love the slightly coarse feeling and slight spring of fresh bulk poly. Are there any strings that replicate this feeling for longer than 20-30 minutes of play?


One Drop choice long cut string. It’s a nylon poly blend, and it’s course feeling without being rough on your hands, and it’s got that new poly bounce feel to it but lasts much longer. I haven’t used it long enough to say how much longer it lasts yet, though.

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I’ve been using Airetic because they last a ridiculously long time, easier to get knots out, and nylon is great for humid places.


How do they compare to Ziplines’ nylon strings?

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I don’t do nylon, I really don’t like it’s play characteristics.


Couldn’t say- never used Ziplines nylon. I only tried out Airetic when one came with a yoyo, been hooked ever since. I’ve also not had any yoyo string related cuts on my fingers since switching to nylon. Definitely takes getting used to coming from poly though.


I actually love nylon. I haven’t used any boutique string yet(too expensive), so I decided to make my own. I’m sure those are way better, but nylon IMO overplays polyester in every way


It doesn’t really feel like or play like nylon at all, except for better whip consistency than poly over a longer length of time.

As far as the coarse feeling goes I would think you might like the MP strings that Reticulated Return Tops usually ship with, don’t really remember the play characteristics though and of course my hands are not yours so I could be dead wrong Haha.

The one thing poly definitely has on nylon is it opens up for suicides much easier.


Well, I’m not having difficulties on suicides at all. Maybe you are right, but I guess once you get used it is better.


Yeah, it’s not a big deal, just noticeable when switching.

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Try it because you asked about it; which means you’re curious about it.

The only way to truly know is to experience it first hand.

Plus you’ll support some cool yoyo people.


I’m using one right now actually and it is definitely an upgrade over bulk poly it doesn’t retain that feeling as long as my perfect string would. Like I said though definitely better than standard poly.

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What ratio of each material is it? I looked on their site and it doesn’t specify?

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