i like that idea. has anyone tried the really thin g string it is amazing.

So much string :o
That’s pretty crazy. At least, imo.

Personally, I never use stock. I’ve had a couple instances where the stock string self-destructed within mere minutes (in one case, it was literally on the first throw). I always switch to something more robust, so that if there’s some sort of problem, rather than cut straight through, it will hopefully fray first and I’ll have time to notice the issue.

Be careful, she could use that jiu jitsu against you if you decide to spend her college fund collecting titaniums.

I’ve used both kitty fat and XL from what you’ve got there and I love them.


I don’t even go through 100 strings in a year!

That was me for a while. I used to change my strings only when they broke, but now I pamper myself a bit more. 100 lasts me about 6 months I think

TotalArtist, I proclaim you weird for using black string. Gross.

You’re all crazy. I change out string after an hour of hard play- max. 100 strings lasting a year is nuts.

Some people are frugal, some aren’t, that’s the situation. Some are in between.

I can imagine that. I’ve gotten used to used strings though so I don’t mind it too much.

And, I think you’re weird," for suggesting you are worthy of “proclaiming” anything at all. I call that gross, not the string. :-\

I used to buy tons of different kinds of string but I’ve been using Venom ever since it came out and don’t have any plans of trying anything else since I’m very happy with it. I got rid of all my extra string (and still get rid of stock stuff and string people send me in BST deals) by packing 1-2 fresh ones with each throw I sell/trade. All I have now is whatever remains of my most recent 100 pack of Venom and some Chaos 422/622 since I like it too and don’t plan to give it away.

100 packs can last me 3-4 months max. I blow through string.

It’s usually a bad idea to “proclaim” someone to be “weird”. You may mean it in the friendliest of ways, but you never know how someone will take it. Regardless, string color don’t make nobody weird.

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Isn’t the idea of making proclamations, in general, in this century a bit strange in and of itself?

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That’s exactly why I steer away from making them.

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I agree, that it is one way the drama gets started. The name calling and proclamations. And, when they are not dealt with in a timely fashion, I am happy to deal with it myself. “Weird,” as if someone custom made that count of 100 black string just for me. ::slight_smile:

I think I use my string a bit longer than most people, so 100 count lasts me quite awhile.

100 pack of nylon lasts me a month.

I was totally kidding about it being gross. You can’t deny that it is unusual though. As for proclaiming, I was just spicing up my post.

Of course I don’t mean any offense. If your going to be on any internet discussion site, you have to be prepared for badly phrased or offensive posts. Half the time these posts are not meant to be rude, and only look that way because you can’t hear the tone behind them. I’m saying this for you benefit so that you won’t get annoyed next time you see a rude post.
I don’t mind at all that you pointed out the problem with the post; I am paying attention. I was sure TA would take it as a good-natured ribbing. Sorry for any offense.

I’ve always thought short string lasts longer long.

You guys are terrible :stuck_out_tongue:
I used the same string on one of my yoyos for maybe 2 and a half years now, finally broke a month ago. :slight_smile:

I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.

I still don’t think it’s unusual, certainly not the most common, but it’s not strange or different in any way. Harold Owens posted a video that he practices with black string. It didn’t surprise me when he said that. You have a right to your opinion, I just didn’t think that was a “proclamation.” I know now, that you were kidding. But, I wish I had known sooner. I made the mistake of actually thinking you just meant what you wrote. :smiley:

Well, on that note, I believe it is the job of the person expressing themselves, to make sure they can be understood the best way possible. These little things :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D >:( :’( are a very convenient way of helping convey tone, for those who are pressed for time, and even for those who do not have the vocabulary to communicate effectively in this format. There are so many words available in our language, and even little things like this ::slight_smile: ??? ;D :smiley: to clear up any misunderstandings before they happen. Besides that, calling names, even in a joking manner, may be perceived as rude too. It will always get a response from me.

I accept your apology. It’s okay that we disagree on certain things too, it happens. :wink: