What string are you using?

Hello, I know this is sudden, but what kind of string are you using? I’m interested in strings, but I live in Japan, so I don’t know much about yo-yo parts from overseas. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

  1. what kind of string are you using?
  2. why do you use that string?
    Comments are welcome.

Here is a review of strings I have used
HKMTequipment TORU String signature:Toru Miyazaki
Very thin compared to other strings, so it works well with pads that have a good return String lasts a long time
Thin but flies well
HKMTequipment Ayumu String signature:Kasuga Ayumu
The string is very soft and comfortable to the touch.
The thickness is normal, but it flies less than Toru.
sochi phoenix string
Very similar to ayumu string
kitty string
It doesn’t fly as well as other strings.


OT Fat baby

Used to be a Sochi Fat guy but then it went out of stock everywhere and I’m p sure I like this better now anyways. Also if it’s good enough for Hunter it’s good enough for me lmao


shameless plug but I’m currently using this fella

String Type: Heavy (XL Neon Fuucshia)
String Texture: Mid- Tex


For me its Zipline x Sochi Alphaline, love those strings, nice thickness, very fast on slacks and whips, reliable and very durable and soft


Right now I use Project 44 Fat 12 (this is discontinued) for most of my yoyo’s with YYF Bearings and Yotricks Vip Bearings.
I also have project 44 Coar Tex - Fat. It works well with yoyo’s with KonKave bearings because then it doesn’t snag
The best string I have tried is whatever duncan ships with their bimetal yoyo’s
In the future I will get some Alphaline string


Mostly AceYo since it’s so cheap. It was $12 for 100. I like it. Lately I been wondering if some string from the same exacr bag hold up better than others. Maybe I’m crazy. I also use iYoYo Slackies thin for some of my smaller gap yoyos. Wish I had the thick slackies I like them. I gotta try out some more string.


I like yoyostringlab plutonium and nitro+.


Strings. I like strings.

Let’s see. I love skyline 3 and prestige. I like the look of the red business class but haven’t ever hit any.

I like string labs but I forget which one I liked most. Ammo and plutonium sound right.

I love cotton and have lots of bulk but kot-n is really nice.

I’ve got a bunch of mighty flea string for my mini/micro yo-yos.

I came back to the hobby on cage free so I always have sone of that around.

Yye 100% poly is rough and thin in a way that works on some throws

A&A where great I’m not sure if they are still on break or coming back but I hope they come back I really liked there poly nylon blend and colors

Michael with his string werx nylon is really nice. He’s awesome and his string is always really good.

P44 I’ve heard great things but I also haven’t got my order yet to try them. Sone of that was postal issues which they worked to resolve but we will see. Would love to give them a glowing recommendation at some point.

I have various other string lots of bulk no name stuff or custom made stuff or Myy or cheap no name. Various quality but in the end either not good enough to recommend or not commercially available so no need to mention.

I’ve also made some of my own string. It’s usually fine. Nothing amazing but not on the terrible end. I prefer buying others it’s a big time sink for mediocre and plain.


About making your own strings, maybe make a pause, or change something in the process ?

I was not satisfied for several weeks until I got proper strings. Now trying to do custom high end strings.

Take care


You should make your own custom strings to fit perfectly your game.
Once the diy process is understood, it becomes really addictive, because strings get better and better the more you do them and experience them.

Kind Regards


I get this thought. When my kids are older and time more abundant I’ll probably give making string another shot but for now life’s fast and time fleeting


This past year I’ve tried I think 4-5 string companies, I like Sochi the best so far (fat and XL to be exact). It’s consistently pretty soft and bouncy while holding tension well. I’ve been using Kitty FC Fat these last couple months and while it’s good I just personally like the feel of Sochi string better and for the price. Twisted Stringz and Monkey Vines are also pretty dang good bulk, if you can find it in the color(s) you want.


Koloski’s Venom string and Snakebite are currently up there for me. I like comfort. Kitty String is also a go-to.


My man life is too short to use time to make your own strings, in my case I prefer to leave it to the people that do it as a job and use the time to learn and create how many tricks/combos as possible!


I use a combination of my own strings, and whatever I snag from pay-it-forward boxes :smiley:


i’ve been meaning to buy ad many sample packs as possible to see what i like, but the yoyostringlab ones are sold out :broken_heart: so i’m just using Kitty First Class fat until the packs come back


Mostly Mazal Top woolly nylon. I love that stuff.


I make my own silk string that’s high tensioned so it flies across really fast with minimal effort.

Apparently William Chow makes his own silk string too. It feels very similar to to Takeshi String V2, although takeshi string is poly


Thanks for replying.
I am pretty sure that is the string that Hunter is using. And since the owner is Shuyun Tang, it looks good for competitions. I will consider it when I run out of string spare!
If you’re so inclined, you can try the HKMTequipment string as well. It’s more expensive than other strings but very good quality string. I recommend AYUMU string and HAJIME string. They are very soft but fly very well.
And your Silver Klondike is also very cool!

@bodahrevy Thank you very much for your valuable input I would like to try the zip line string because of its beautiful color.
@fradiger original throw and sochi are very popular!
I would also like to try alpha line and zip line!

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Thanks for the reply.
I hear that homemade strings fly well!
And if it feels like that TAKESHI string, it must fly very well!
I want to make one too!