Favorite Boutique string?

What is your favorite boutique strings? Why do you like them? What don’t you like about them?

As far as available right now I really like the YYSL stuff tried type x and ammo and I think I’d like the venom if it’s really a middle ground on thickness. They last long feel smooth and have a we some colorways. As far as unavailable I’d check out zip line yoyo string on facebook their site will be updated and restocked on June first. They’re just as good in terms of last ability as the YYSL stuff but I personally prefer the texture of the strings over yysl.

How does yysl string’s life span compare to kittystrings?

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Way better than kitty, I’m not super good but I throw almost contantly and I change a kitty string every two days whereas I get at least a week out of a type x or an ammo

G string and I still have a bag of big yoyo.I only have one great white left, darn.I like handmade string. There’s love in it. Like old Duncan’s .

Chaos 422 8)

Toxic Dragon. Still have enough to last me a few years. And before PM’s come in, no I will not sell/trade any of it :slight_smile:

YYSL Type X in second place. I’m also really liking the string that came with the prerelease Parlay, made in Utah, can’t remember the company though.

Gator Floss…the best ever!


I’m into nylon strings these days on most of my throws:
Cloud 2.0
Spool Thread
String Theory
Kitty 1.5 nylon

My favorite poly string by far is:

Spool has taken the cake for me. This latest batch is dialed in perfect for me. The thickness, the liveliness, the insane whips, minimal but present bounce, everything. Its what ive been looking for and really hope others support Spool Thread as he is killing it right now. Quality for days, cool colors and combos available, and priced to be sweet to both yoyo and pocketbook. I want more of these.

Cloud (still have not tried v.2 and unless one is given to me, i dont think ill get one) would be in a second place standing for me, im still a little sour at some behind the scenes stuff, however this is not the time or place to go into that… That being said, its available, its proven, awesome, but far from cheap. Worth the price to try at least one.

Angel Hair is pretty high on the list for me also. Im glad I snagged 100pack and may even snag one more 100pack before they disappear for ever, cause lets face it, that will last me a lifetime… People will love or hate these, but I love them. Coarse, fast, knot resistant, whips like nothing, insane bright colors that dont fade. I can see why many dont like them.

Honorable mentions: Toxic BG1 Yellow Jackets (ive found nothing more visible that these impossible to find stings. A little fat for my liking tho.) . Toxic Dragons (similar to angel hair). YYSL Venom.

Seoul String Co.

They need a store front…like trying to buy hens teeth

Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to get up with him, but it is good string.

Good to know Angel Hair is similar to Dragons. May have to order some to compare. Been wondering what to replace my Dragons with eventually.

Cloud 2. I sorta liked Cloud 1, but thought it was just too skinny and made binds on a lot of my yoyos just too slippy, even though the pads are fine. Cloud 2 fixes that perfectly.

J-Slicks by my man Shannon Jackson! He’s strings are so good for everything man. Slack, whips, tech tricks, speed combos, anything you throw at it J-Slicks will take on! Holds tension like a champ and can still slack when tight! Best string I’ve ever used and I’ve use almost all Kitty, some of YYSL, and Twisted Strings. Great for my play style anyone should hit that 5a legend up on FB Shannon Jackson​:pray:t2::pray:t2:

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100% poly 10-count

Somewhat biased, but YYSL Type X is perfect for me.
Matt made the “enso” colorway for me and it’s what I use for bearings about 90% (sometimes you want other colors). But that stuff lasts great and holds tension well. “Crisp” without feeling overly stiff.

I’m with Ed on this (although I don’t have a signature color). I buy the 100 pack of yellow and go until I need to buy more…which is a long time.

I REALLY love Zipline strings. They’re a new company that really kinda nails it for me. Softer like YYSL Type X, but still kinda stiff and heavy like Kitty fat. Plus tons of sick colorways.