I’m working up something in the Lab exclusively for YoYoExpert!

Finally. I have been waiting for a whole for something like this

Every time I buy something from Yoyo String Lab I am more happy with them… Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Your wait is very nearly over. Keep your eyes peeled.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions to Type X.

A friend of mine gave me some custom made “candy cane” string of yours she had made for xmas. Dude, your string rocks! Just saying.


Can you give me some selling points on why I should choose your brand of string over others? I currently just use a generic 100% Poly string. What would you say is different about your string? Thanks

In a nutshell: It hits a sweet spot of play, feel and performance.

Now if you want the longer version: Compared to basic string, it whips a little faster, but not so fast that it gets ahead of you on some tricks. It holds tension better - you can repeat suicides a larger number of times. Speaking of suicides, people feel that they are easier with YYSL. In general, people just like the play better.

Now these things alone might be a good enough reason to spend a little more on string, because it’s just plain worth it to enjoy those qualities. But, compared to basic string, YYSL string lasts longer, so that extra initial cost is really reduced to the point, that if you enjoy YYSL, you might as well take advantage of the improved qualities.

Something else you may not have really considered before, but people find is nice once they experince it, is that the color doesn’t dull so quickly. YYSL’s stay really bright and don’t gum up like others do.

If you are into competition, the replys I have received are that Type X is the general favorite among those that have tried the different YYSL types. Type X was developed with the input of a sponsored player that’s pretty picky about string and additional input from other competitors. Several have told me it’s their new go-to string.

Compared to other premium strings I have heard that YYSL is more consistent, especially across different colors. The feel is nice, not rough. It maintains brightness. It’s not a single feature string that excels at one thing at the expense of others. It just hits a sweet spot for play, feel and performance. (Oh dang, I already said that.)

There are some reviews out their and videos if you want to go Googling.

(It’s not that much to try out a bundle and check it out.)

Thanks! That was a fun project. She is one of the nicest people I have dealt with. (Then again, everyone has been pretty great and supportive.)

awesome :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information. I think I’ll pick up some within the next week or so, since I’m running low on my 100% poly atm. Do you think your special project you’re making for YYE will be out by then? Also, would you recommend the string you are making now for YYE over the Type X string? Also, do you offer a discount if I were to buy 50-100 strings? Thanks

There’s a good chance YYE will have their YYSL up by then, but it’s not up to me at this point. The string I made for YYE is Type X, only they have lots of colors including one exclusive to them. At the moment I don’t have any 50 or 100 string bundles made in Type X. So right now, no bulk specials.

Just a little more praise for this string:

Regarding type 2(since I haven’t tried Type X Yet): It holds its “springiness” better than other strings I’ve tried, and the smooth feel isn’t just on the hands, but also against other lengths of string. In other words, on tricks where you have one wrap of the string sliding against other parts of the same string, this stuff slides better.

I’m completely sold on YYSL strings. I tried several brands, even ones with good reviews that should have been what I was looking for(Hamstring, Toxic, Chaos), and this is by far my favorite. Buying some type X as soon as I need more string to try it out, but so far the type 2 is my favorite.



It’s here!  http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/588/Yo-Yo-String-Lab-Type-X-String---10-Pack

Just ordered 2 different 10 packs of Type X to try out.

OK. Been throwing Type X for about an hour now. I have used it in a Thunder Wasp and a Sili’ed DM2 so far. I can honestly say it holds its shape really well when working it. I hit my first suicide ever with it about 30 minutes ago. I use 100% Poly so I compare the string to it. The Type X feels lighter, softer and slicker. I do have a problem with the string though. It binds when it wants to bind. It slips a lot with me. My Thunder Wasp I have to get very aggressive with throwing a loop into the yoyo. With the DM2 it was a little better but I still run into points where I am trying to do a front bind 4 or 5 times before it catches. That is something I do not like. I am going to leave it in the DM2 and keep trying to work with it some more.

Hmmm… I am scratching my head a little, as I haven’t heard that before with the people that did the testing or those that tried it out at comps. I will keep my ears open though to see how it goes. I am definitely interested in your input.

I will add that I do not pinch when binding. I let the loop slip off my finger and have not had a problem doing that with the polys. It is just how I bind. I am leaving the Type X in the DM2 just to see if there is any break in time that might get better doing it.

Other than that one thing, the string really holds shape well. I tried doing suicides with poly and type x. Have yet to land it with poly but getting better with the type x.

By the way, Congrats! on landing your first suicide!!! It’s a cool feeling when you start hitting those.

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Kyle Derry - the man!
NER 2011 = 24th in 1A
Representing YoYoStringLab at NER 2012 = 14th in 1A Nice jump in the standings!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Type X. Just got in mail. Sooooo good. If you don’t have some, get some. NOW.