I need a string for competition... MER, specifically.


I will be attending Mideast Regionals in a week, and will be competing. The problem is, as I’ve been practicing I’ve realized that my string doesn’t really hold up for some of the more complicated things I’m doing. So I’d like to buy a new one. I’m looking for a string that will work well outside of the completion setting, but is still competition worthy. I’d like a string that whips well, holds neutral string tension for a while, and will allow me to play fast without getting string burn. Long lasting is also a plus, but not as important. Currently, I’m using the basic 100% poly string they sell in bulk here, the one that costs around $12 for 100 of them.

(Waylon) #2

Message BigYoyo. Get some 3LanMuse or Candy. Or both.


Thanks for the reply, but I was hoping for something that they sell on Yoyoexpert.


YoYoStringLab Ammo or Type X will suit your needs. If you’re using a wider gapped yoyo, get yourself a tube of Ammo (it’s thicker). If you’re using a smaller catch zoned yoyo (like a CLYW or something) go with Type X. Both whip very well, and hold their tension extremely well. I can’t reccommend either of them enough.


Thanks! After reading several reviews, this seems like a good choice. Does anyone else have a suggestion, or should I just get the YYSL?


everybody has their preferences, so most people will have different suggestions for you. I would suggest experimenting. I’ve heard good things about Fat Kitty String, it also seems to fit your string desires, maybe Candy Wires? Twisted Stringz? If you have the time and money to try them all, that’s the ideal. Finding your perfect string is an awesome feeling, and I hope you have yours come contest time :slight_smile:

But, if you need the string ASAP, I’d check out Ammo (for wider gapped
Yoyos) or Type X (for thinner gaps) and experiment later. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Lots to choose from. Maybe you can get several small packs. That’s how I eventually chose my favorite.


I say candy wire type E. It’s a good thin, slick string that holds tension good too. I like it more than yysl type x and normal kitty. It seems to outlast both, is much slicker and whips just as well. I’ve never been big on thick string.

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I’m going to give you a straight up, honest answer, you will not see any “pros” using homebrew string like Twisted, Toxic, etc… It’s not bad string, but it’s just too pricey and not as well as the cheaper stuff for contest. I’m not trying to hate on it or anything, it’s just how it is. I personally use normal and fat Kitty String and I know most people do as well, YoYoStringLab is also making their way up there, yes those are homemade strings but they have more experience I guess you could say maybe? But those seem to be the most trusted string companies out there other than normal 100% polyester found anywhere online.


Well, I just ordered and decided to get a 10 pack of Candy Wires E-type, a 10 pack of normal Kitty, and a pack of YYSL type X. I decided it would be safest to just get a taste of everything.


Darn, you should’ve tried Kitty 1.5. It’s better than Normal Kitty in almost every way, in my opinion.


YYSL is good, but the thing I hate about premium string in general is te guilty feeling of not getting full use of my string. I wear string in amazingly fast according Haru. I really enjoyed AMMO, but I felt guilty not getting a week out of one.

So I’m sticking with ol’ reliable Kitty String! Preferably Fat or 1.5.


I thought about it, but since I couldn’t find it in anything but the 100 pack, I decided to skip it. I had other strings I wanted to try, and didn’t want to spend a whole lot.


Get Kitty String 1.5

Or Normal Polyester

Or BigYoyo Candy String


Thanks for the suggestions, but I already ordered.


Can you please post how you like the e-type when you get it? I want to get some when I get my summer order together, but I want to know how it plays first


good choices! I hope one of them is just what you’re looking for!


I get about 2 maybe 3 days out of 1 Ammo don’t feel guilty.


I get 4 hours out of it, I’m feeling guilty :stuck_out_tongue: I wear in strings super fast.


Me too :frowning:

That’s why I’m looking to try some different ones. Kitty string generally lasts 1 hour for me at most