:wink: = :smiley:

I voted string lab by the way :smiley:

I like both Kitty and YYSL but my vote went to YYSL.

BigYoYoStrings FatChicks FoLife!

I love YYSL but I’m a poor 14 year old so I have to stick to kitty with YYSL here and there :wink:

Toxic Zype are my fav so far.

I have kitty normal, fat, and 1.5 of course they don’t all work for every throw I have but the 1.5 I like the best being in south Florida with the humidity I can actually play outside with the 1.5. Question though does the string when it’s dyed change the softness or the play? And I heard if you buy the expensive stuff it lasts “forever” and you can wash it and play with it till it nearly snaps on you true or false?

I love Kitty String Nylon ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

As much as I do like kitty I LOVE my YYSL Type X, and while I like the feel of ammo and the why it’s moves I just find it too thick in the gap of all but one yoyo.

If you like the way AMMO moves, but feel it’s too thick for you, YYE should be releasing YYSL Venom soon. It’s great for slack & whips like AMMO but about the same thickness as Type X.

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im 14 to and i have to stick to yye string but my vote went to yysl due to the fact that i love there string and i save like 50 bucks and then stock pile it :smiley:

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:open_mouth: :expressionless: :smiley: SWEEEET, I’ll have to give it a go, that said, I do still love everything else about Type X

The Expert strings. hightlights, dayglows, expert, or whatever their called nowadays. work fine for me. J-Slix are pretty good too.

what about Candy wires