:wink: = :smiley:


I voted string lab by the way :smiley:


I like both Kitty and YYSL but my vote went to YYSL.


BigYoYoStrings FatChicks FoLife!


I love YYSL but I’m a poor 14 year old so I have to stick to kitty with YYSL here and there :wink:


Toxic Zype are my fav so far.


I have kitty normal, fat, and 1.5 of course they don’t all work for every throw I have but the 1.5 I like the best being in south Florida with the humidity I can actually play outside with the 1.5. Question though does the string when it’s dyed change the softness or the play? And I heard if you buy the expensive stuff it lasts “forever” and you can wash it and play with it till it nearly snaps on you true or false?

(Erik Kerber ) #8

I love Kitty String Nylon ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


As much as I do like kitty I LOVE my YYSL Type X, and while I like the feel of ammo and the why it’s moves I just find it too thick in the gap of all but one yoyo.

(YoYoStringLab) #10

If you like the way AMMO moves, but feel it’s too thick for you, YYE should be releasing YYSL Venom soon. It’s great for slack & whips like AMMO but about the same thickness as Type X.


im 14 to and i have to stick to yye string but my vote went to yysl due to the fact that i love there string and i save like 50 bucks and then stock pile it :smiley:


:open_mouth: :expressionless: :smiley: SWEEEET, I’ll have to give it a go, that said, I do still love everything else about Type X


The Expert strings. hightlights, dayglows, expert, or whatever their called nowadays. work fine for me. J-Slix are pretty good too.


what about Candy wires