What kind of string do you guys prefer?

Just a simple question: What kind of string do you guys prefer to use? And why? Comment below!

Kitty fat is pretty much my go-to. Price and thickness are perfect. I wish I could play nylon Fat (longevity, feel) but it is so hard on the hands >:(

I’ve been playing with yocala strings, they are 100% poly fat type 12 with the thickness of type 6.
I’ve been playing with them for 2 months and only broke one, they get dirty long before they break. And they arnt stiff like most fatties

For me with their “Jackrabbits”, Unknown really dialed in the general purpose usefulness and great feel of “standard” poly while elevating it to the next level of durability. Love their bright colours, too. Want a bit of extra fluffiness and even more durability? Step over to Jackalopes or Annhilators… thicker without being ropey, and durable without being plasticky.

Next up for me is Kitty. I’m trying to like the Buddhas (because I have so many to get through!) but they’re just not doing it for me. They’re fine. But they have a texture I prefer less than Kitty. Still, they DO last longer.

Personally like cotton, but mainly use slick 8 (50/50 cotton/poly) because it plays similar but lasts longer.

I like playing with 50/50s sometimes. But using pure cotton is a real good way to ding your throws up. I only use it in my looping yoyos

Nylon is my favorite. Or Venom

Fat kitty all the way. Low cost and plays great! May not last as long as the more expensive strings, but for the price, you can’t go wrong. :slight_smile:

I’m a toxic guy but I’m quite surprised that YYSL isn’t getting more love early on with the number of Ammo/ Venom fans that there are. Venom is one of my favorites.

Toxic base. ALL. DAY. LONG.

But I also sling some blueprints, fat kitty nylon and buddhas every so often.

YYSL was a late addition to the poll.

im liking my kitty fats i just bought, but i do enjoy the yye polys as well. its fun to switch between the two, just like changing out side effects.

I use YYE poly most of the time, occasionally using Kitty.

Kitty is ok, but for me nothing more. Yes, it is economical, but I’ve never been playing with Venom or Dragons and though “man, I really wish I had some Kitty poly right now.”


Dragons. So good, especially once broken in. And they last ridiculously long. I’ve also tried Type X and Slackline poly… Both were good, and I really liked the length and play… But I didn’t feel like they were much more durable than the budget strings I’ve tried, so the price isn’t as justified as Dragons are for me. Dragons easily last 4-5 times as long as cheap stuff for me, so it balances out their high price, all while performing on a higher level. The other two perform on a higher level as well, but only last 2-3 times as long in my experience, so the price isn’t quite as balanced.

I really want to try some Drakens, and I’ll definitely be picking up some of Paul Dang’s Hydras when they are released.

As for “budget” strings, I’m really liking the Fat Kitty that I just bought. I can definitely see why it’s so popular. I tried blueprints and really liked the feel and durability of them, but they’re too short for me. I tried YYE expert strings, but didn’t really like them; too thin for me, and I didn’t like the feel, but that was probably because they were dark blue, and I know different dyes can affect feel significantly.

Kitty Fat (White or Yellow), or Toxic Dragons

Toxic BG1’s & Great Whites… but they sadly are never in stock any more. :’(

YYSL AMMO’s & Venoms.

At what price durability? Toxic makes some GREAT strings (BG1s and Snakes are fantastic, just off the top of my head… Great Whites are cool, too, and interested to try the Prime), but their embroidery-thread-based strings like Dragon/Draken/Base are just not at all aligned with my play style, which tends to be a “generalized” play. After the initial “holy moly” that comes from the fast whips and then the “say what?” that comes from playing just one for several weeks, I found myself going back to things that are either standard poly or “standard poly +1”.

Does YYE string mean the brazilian string or regular 100% poly?

krazy klowns, ZYPES, slacklines Y3 is what i chose up top because i do love lecareys strings they kick bayootocks, but on the cheaper end kitty strings ,fat or thin they are both great