what's your string?

Hi All,

What string do you use and why do you think it’s the best out there in the market?

I honestly do not care about string as long as it is at least as thick as Fat Kitty. I use Fat Kitty because it is cheap and holds tension well while it lasts. I am really looking forward to trying XL Kitty.

Kitty normal or fat. I like both. I feel like they perform exactly the same, but the fatter string feels more nostalgic.

Anything that isn’t cotton

I really like kitty string. Currently I’m using normal kitty. Have not used other types of kitty string but I’m sure they are pretty good. Kitty string recommended.

I like Blueprint strings. They hold tension really well and they last longer than kitty string. However they start out a bit rough but they break in in like 5 minutes. Some people say they’re too short but since I’m really short (5’ 4) they’re a good length for me

I use Yoyostringlab Ammo exclusively.

Why? Mostly a comfort thing. I can throw for hours with no major discomfort since it’s so thick and soft. Lasts a long time as well, which is always a plus. :slight_smile:

I’m not going to say that it’s the perfect string for everyone, but for me personally, I can’t see myself using anything else for a long time.

Krazy klown 7ct. Wonderful string,lasts forever.And they never loose that nice bounce that comes outta poly/nylons. if its just Polys, on the norm i use fat kitty,but my fav poly i ever used were Zypes.

I like kitty string normal they’re really soft last quite a long time,and holds tension well :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I use kitty normal/fat/xl, toxic snakes, clyw slackline, yysl ammo, and most recently trying blueprints. I like all of them pretty well for different reasons, but ammo is my favorite all around string.